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7 New Events to Look Out For

At Charleston Wine + Food, we like to keep it fresh. Each year we replace around 85% of our schedule with brand-new events + experiences.

And, listen, we get it. Having over 130 events on the schedule can make planning you itinerary a little daunting. So we're making it a little easier by giving you our list of new events to keep an eye out for.

Bougie Brunch

Basic brunches, be gone! We’re going over-the-top with a wild + wonderful brunch experience that will make all your friends jealous. Expect lots of bubbles, decadent dishes, and fanciful performers for a mid-morning meal that your Instagram feed will approve of.

Night Bazaar 

You can leave your passports at home for this international extravaganza! For three nights, Holy City Brewing will be transformed into an eclectic epicenter inspired by night markets around the world. You’ll be able to try bites from around the world, drinks from far-off places, and performances guaranteed to dazzle. (Oh, and did we mention locals can snag a discounted ticket? But don’t wait too long, locals tickets are limited.)

Cans + Kegs

We’re poppin’ the tab on the myth that canned + kegged wines can’t compete with their bottled brethren. Set against the beautiful backdrop of the Charleston harbor, you’ll sip on a selection of unconventional wines from some of the coolest brands around as you sink your teeth into delicious bites.

In Good Company

It’s no secret that what’s on your plate can affect the way you live. Scott Crawford, Jessica Murnane, Alison Roman, and more are inviting you to gather ‘round and share stories about the ways food can transform your life. Trust us, this one will leave your belly full + the soul inspired.

Back at Bowens

We’re back at the iconic digs of Bowens Island Restaurant for a seafood shindig celebrating all the salty goodness of the East Coast, from Maine down to the Lowcountry. The likes of Michael Scelfo, John Zucker, and more will be serving up their takes on sea-faring classics with plenty of brews + pours to match. The breathtaking views of the marsh don’t hurt either.

Flow + Glow

It’s a good time without any of the guilt at our newest nighttime party! Sarah Frick of The Works is kicking off the evening with a black-light flow followed by a neon-colored party under the stars in The Urban Electric Co. courtyard. Take a breather and enjoy a bevy of healthy bites + low ABV sips that prove you can get down without the gluttony.

Black Tie BBQ

Barbecue has gotten a reputation for being a rustic affair, best paired with a t-shirt and cold brewsky. Get ready to change your perception of this southern staple as a lineup of the country’s best pitmasters are serving up smoky favorites with a sophisticated flair. Expect upscale barbecue, fancy sides, and high-class sips for a swanky affair. Cocktail attire encouraged, good time guaranteed.

-Chris Bailey, Digital Marketing Manager

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2020 Ticket Launch Tips + Tricks

Tickets for the 2020 Charleston Wine + Food festival hit the web on August 28, and we couldn’t be more excited to kick off the 15th year with you! We’ve got a fresh lineup of new events, as well as a few fan-favorites that are making a reappearance (we can’t contain our excitement, either!).

Whether you are a seasoned CHSWFF connoisseur or a first-time attendee, we are happy to welcome you to the Holy City for a flavorful experience. We also understand that combing through 120+ events and piecing together the perfect schedule on ticket launch day can be a bit daunting, but don’t stress – we’re here to help!

So grab a bottle of wine and take notes; these are the tips + tricks to tackling Charleston Wine + Food Ticket Launch like a pro.

Mark Your Calendars

Google, iPhone, daily planner – all of ‘em!

8:00 AM Monday, August 26: Full Schedule Preview

8:00 AM Wednesday, August 28: Tickets on Sale

Plan Your Festival Experience

We hear you – you want time to curate your perfect Charleston Wine + Food experience! That’s why the full event schedule – that’s right: EVERY. SINGLE. EVENT. – will be available for preview on our website at 8:00 AM EST on Monday, August 26 – that’s 48 hours prior to ticket launch! Take some time over these two days to look through the schedule and make a list of the events you’d like to attend. Being prepared ahead of time will save you time + stress on August 28. 

Choose Your Adventure

We believe experiences are everything here at Charleston Wine + Food, and knowing the types you are most interested in will help you narrow down the search. From hands-on classes to late-night bashes, intimate dinners, and educational excursions, we’ve got something for everyone! Which experience is your perfect fit?

Filter, Filter, Filter

Do you know the time of day, type of event, or overall vibe you are looking for? Whether you are a libation lover, wellness warrior, good-time guru, or conversation starter, our updated event schedule filter will help narrow down the event schedule based on your interests + priorities. (Because we get it – searching the schedule for the perfect event can be a tad stressful!)

Don’t worry about your SquadUP ID or password!

If you’ve purchased tickets in the past, you may remember creating a SquadUP ID and password (and similarly, you may not!). To expedite the checkout process and limit the headache of password regurgitation, you do not need to log in to your SquadUP account to purchase tickets.

Tickets will remain in your cart for 30 minutes. At checkout, you will be asked to enter an email address where you would like the tickets sent. Later on, should you wish, you can download the SquadUP App or visit SquadUP.com, use that email address to create or log into your account, and access all festival tickets. 

Don’t wait too long

You know that must-have Signature Dinner or intimate Excursion you have at the top of your list? A few hundred other people likely have it at the top of their lists, too. We offer a variety of intimate + exclusive experiences with a limited amount of tickets available; waiting to purchase tickets might mean you’ll be left experiencing the ultimate FOMO.

There’s a waitlist for that!

Did that brunch or cooking class you were really looking forward to attending sell out before you could get your tickets? Don’t worry, there’s still hope! You can request or return tickets to sold-out events by visiting the Official Charleston Wine + Food Ticket Exchange powered by Lyte. Simply follow the prompts on the exchange to secure your place in line; if a ticket becomes available, transactions will be processed immediately and automatically in the order in which they were requested.

We’re here to help!

The Charleston Wine + Food team wants your ticket buying experience to be as stress-free as possible! Give us a call at 843-727-9998 or drop by our office on August 28 from 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM and one of our team members will be happy to help you navigate through planning your best Charleston Wine + Food experience! Even better, we’ll have Circe’s Grotto and Life Raft Treats on-site for lunch!

We can’t wait to see you on August 28! Cheers to 2020!

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Tips + Tricks for Holi City Shakedown

A new addition to the Charleston Wine + Food festival lineup is Holi City Shakedown: a late-night bash celebrating the traditional Hindu festival of Holi. A reimagined display, Holi City Shakedown is a night commemorating the festival’s roots in love and unity, combined with our twist of traditional + unfamiliar flavors of Indian cuisine, paired with DJ beats and craft cocktails blooming with flavor. Alternatively (and appropriately) named the Festival of Colors, Holi marks the coming of spring with vibrant explosions of colored powder that decorate the crowds and streets. While these colors are all kinds of bright + beautiful, they can also be messy. Below are some tips + tricks that you’ll want to know to best protect your clothing, hair and other belongings for this ultimate color bombing experience.   BEFORE
  • Wear a hat or bandana to keep your hair color free.
  • Choose your most comfortable pair of shoes that are easy to clean.
  • Keep your prized possessions at home! Leaving your favorite shirt at home will guarantee zero colored powder stains.
  • We suggest covering any cell phones, cameras + other tech with a plastic bag for protection.
  • Step outside to shake off any excess powder prior to washing both hair, clothing  and other belongings.
  • If the powder is still hanging tight onto clothing post-shake, try blowing it off or using a vacuum.  
  • Wash your hair as many times as necessary to ensure all color washes out before you dry off!
  • Rinse all clothing in cold water prior to running a normal wash cycle. This will prevent colors from cross-contaminating garments.
  • If colors persist, wash for another cycle. We also suggest spot cleaning items as needed.
  Trust us. This colorful, flavorful extravaganza is one you won’t want to miss and will always remember. Tickets for Holi City Shakedown, the Holy City celebration of the spring season, are moving fast - get yours now!
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Top New Events for 2019

To celebrate the fourteenth year of the Charleston Wine + Food festival, we’ve lined up a delicious menu of events to highlight the diversity of the Holy City’s culinary community. In addition to CHSWFF classics, there’s a new batch of high-energy events guaranteed to please any palate. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite new events with experiences ranging from wine tasting, color bombing, and a little dancing in a swanky art museum.

Au Naturel

You’ve probably seen natural wines on a menu or maybe even tried a glass or two at some point. But what exactly is natural wine and what is all the hype about anyway? Award-winning sommelier Jeff Kellogg is helming this wine workshop where you’ll learn the ins-and-outs of these unique pours. With the sexy + swanky Graft Wine Shop serving as homebase, get ready for a whirlwind tour of these unique varietals.    

It’s a Shore Thing

Check your fine dining etiquette at the door because this is a good, old-fashioned seafood shindig where your hands will be your utensils. With beautiful Lowcountry views at Memorial Waterfront Park as the backdrop, you’ll embark on a culinary voyage around the global coastlines with dishes featuring fresh seafood. So, get ready to crack, peel, and devour some of the best recipes inspired by the sea.  


Prepare to ignite your inner flame. A line up of amazing + talented storytellers will spark some inspiration as they share unique stories all centered around one word - Burned. From slam poetry to uplifting stories, you’ll immerse yourself in the worlds of the speakers for a multi-sensory experience sure to satisfy your mind + soul. Bites + sips from the flames will be the perfect pairing for what is guaranteed to be an uplifting + dazzling night.    

Boss Lady

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’re creating a tea room experience of our own and diving head first into the history of suffragists. A panel of fierce femmes, helmed by James Beard Award winner Hanna Raskin, will explore the stories behind women in the culinary world + share how they are continuing the legacy. With a historic tea room serving as the backdrop, you’ll enjoy a light lunch + inspired sips as we serve up a little social change with a cup of tea.  


There’s a lot of talk about health and wellness, but what does it all mean? In this brand-new wellness experience, a talented team of wellness experts, including Kathryn Budig, Seamus Mullen ,Ellie Richter and Liz Moody, are tackling all facets of living a healthy + balanced life. In between master classes, you’ll delight in bites + sips featuring ingredients that are good for your mind + body as you stroll through a specially-curated market. Get ready for an interactive + immersive morning with a side of zen!    

Holi City Shakedown

It’s East meets West for this late-night bash! Indian cuisine will take center stage as chefs and beverage pros serve up their takes on the bright + colorful flavors of the eastern gem. To pay homage to the traditions of the Holi Fest, we’ll also be setting up a color-bombing of our own. You’ll want to be decked in white as you step into our color tent where exciting beats will be blasting as shades of the rainbow rain down for a colorful celebration.  

Feed Your [Spirit]

Harness your inner Beyoncé + get ready to bust a move in one of Charleston’s most iconic art galleries – The Gibbes Museum of Art. Led by dance maven, Jennie Broe, you’ll hip hop your way into the day with an upbeat workout guaranteed to have you feeling bada$$. Following the class, you will fuel your body with a bounty of healthy bites and sips. Fearless spirit suggested, no dancing experience required.  
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Top 5 Events You Don't Want to Miss

We’ve popped the corked on the 2019 festival and tickets are hot + ready!   Sure, there’s some CHSWFF staples on the schedule, like Winederlust + Namaste Bubbly. But, there are some newbies on the docket that promise to be instant classics.   We’ve got the top five events you won’t want to overlook for this year!   1. Hipster Cocktail Party We’re throwing an epic celebration of all things new + unconventional in the sweet digs at Lo-Fi Brewing. Yes, there will be a DJ spinning some old-school vinyl. And yes, we will be serving artisanal craft cocktails, avocado toast, craft beer, and plenty of Instagram-worthy dishes to flood your friends’ feeds. Don a beanie, skinny tie, thick-framed glasses, or even a mustache and hop on your unconventional mode of transportation to join us for the most ironically themed event of the festival. This event is hipster for all of us that are not that hip after all.   2. Wine War   War, what is it good for? There is a heated debate happening in the wine world over natural versus conventional wine. You’ve probably seen natural wines on a menu or maybe even downed a glass or two at some point this year. But what exactly is natural wine and what is all the fuss about anyway? For this beverage workshop, we’re breaking down walls and tasting + talking about the good, the bad and the ugly. Join us at the hippest wine bar in town, Graft, for a  tasting that will have your tastebuds heated from debate.   3. Smokin’ in the Boys’ Room Thankfully for us down south, BBQ is having more than a moment. And while the BBQ scene may be known as a boy’s club, women all over the country have been working hard to carve out a place among this smoke-filled industry. For this event, set against the Lowcountry views at The Bend, we are featuring a ton of ridiculously talented women who are cranking out some top-notch ‘que. With smoky meats, delicious treats and thoughtful beverage pairings, this one is sure to cut through the haze. All hail the queens of ‘que who are spreading the gospel of smoked meat!   4. Holi City Shakedown With all its exotic ingredients, unfamiliar dishes, and tongue-tingling flavors, Indian cuisine is the inspiration behind this late-night bash. And we’re bringing an extra dash of Holi to the Holy City. Rooted in love expressed through color, this Indian festival unites people together. We’ll pair the vibrant menu + colorful atmosphere with incredible craft cocktails, plenty of cold brew and sultry wine. Our Saturday dance party rivals any of the hottest clubs with an epic DJ and color bombing on site. Snag your tickets, whip out your white outfit, and get ready to dance the night away at the Navy Yard Power House.   5. Boss Lady In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re creating a tea room experience of our own – and not because all Southern ladies are teetotalers. At a time when women were excluded from many public dining rooms, the tearoom represented an avenue to economic opportunity and collective advancement. The history of the tea room and all it represents serves as the perfect backdrop for a conversation where food is both the catalyst and the vessel for inciting change. Join The Post and Courier’s James Beard award-winning food editor, Hanna Raskin, to look back at a time when suffragists made the case for voting rights over cake. At this light lunch featuring an abundance of pastries, tea sandwiches, and Southern favorites, we’re serving up social change with a cup of tea. Taking place in a former-tea room on the iconic King Street, now Anthropologie, you'll leave feeling inspired from this once-in-a-lifetime experience.   
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Beyond The Plate: The Art of Restaurant Design with David Thompson

When you visit your favorite restaurant or discover a new one, what do you notice the most about your experience? The food and drinks are of course an important part of dining out, as well as the service, but the architecture of the building around you can have a significant influence on your visit. For many new restaurants in Charleston, David Thompson of David Thompson Architect is the one who helps make the visions of restaurateurs a reality. David is the architect behind some of the most influential restaurants in Charleston, including FIG, Butcher & Bee, The Grocery and more. I had the pleasure of talking with David about how he started his career in architecture, why restaurant design has more in common with residential design instead of commercial, and about the stories behind both The Cigar Factory and The Ordinary. David will be talking even more about these two projects during this year’s Charleston Wine and Food Festival, at Flavor By Design.

  How It All Began David Thompson knew at an early age that he wanted to pursue architecture as a career (in 1st grade to be specific). It all started when a famous playground designer came to his school in Northern Virginia to create a new playground at a time where there was a movement in the industry.   “It was a revolution in playground design where they were going from the really minimalist, awesome metal playgrounds of our grandparents time to really elaborate maze-like wooden structures,” said David. The designer selected a representative from each grade to help design the playground, and David was the one chosen to represent his first-grade class. Although elements of architecture were in his genes (his father was a land developer along with a grandfather who was a house framer), this moment was what lead him to the career he has today. Upon arriving to Charleston in 1999, David worked mostly on development related projects like office buildings and strip malls, which didn’t appeal as much to him. In his next job, David primarily designed elementary schools in the Lowcountry (including Mary Ford, Malcolm C. Hursey, and the Early Childhood Development Center). Although this was a more rewarding experience, it was after he joined Reggie Gibson Architects when restaurants became part of his focus.   What Makes Restaurant Design Unique “Well, the interesting thing about restaurants is that for such a small project they are really complicated. In some ways building a new building from the ground up is simpler than designing a restaurant. Restaurants are kind of the perfect storm between residential design and commercial design. So you have all this attention to detail, craftsmanship and interior design that's much more like residential design, but in a commercial application.“ Even if designing a restaurant feels more like a residential project at times, the process is much faster. While custom residential projects can take years, the average restaurant for David Thompson Architect takes only 12-14 months - from design to opening. “It’s really fast and intense, which is fun but stressful.” Outside of the speed and intensity, there’s also a level of care and investment in restaurant design that’s not normally seen in commercial projects. During the process, an intense relationship is formed between the architect and the restaurant owner and operator. “One of the reasons the process its so rich is because it means so much to them.”
The Ordinary.jpg.jpeg
    Uncovering the Past for the Present The Cigar Factory is one of the more notable projects David Thompson has been involved in, and for that project (like many renovation projects on the peninsula), there was a unique story behind the building that was important to preserve in its next life. “Our personal belief inside this office is that restaurant design, and really any design, is an opportunity to tell a story. So sometimes you have to make that story up - and a lot of restaurant design involves sort of a fantasy component. It's like a theater project. But it's better when it's real and it's authentic. One of the great things about renovations in Charleston is the story’s usually there- you just have to uncover it. Then it's all about how you want to present it - how does it then weave into the story of whoever's using space now? Because it's not just all about what used to happen. It’s what happened first, second, third, and now what is going to happen next.“ With some of these renovations, however, an uncovery and discovery process happens first, especially when a historic building is updated by others for modern-day use. The Cigar Factory was unique since its previous use was relatively utilitarian, which did not require much to be stripped away. The bigger challenge was preserving the architectural integrity of the building while also adhering to modern day building codes.  
  “There’s a battle of compromise of how much can you do so without losing too much - and can you just make the best of it. I'd say a good example of that in Mercantile and Mash is that although the developer already structurally reinforced all the floors, they had not done the same for the columns. So you had these big, beautiful wood columns throughout the space, and as you start to add weight to them they actually were so old they wanted to bust. The knee-jerk reaction and simplest thing would be to sandwich them with all this wood and you never see them again. We developed this really beautiful steel strap that is basically like a girdle for the column- so when under pressure and they don't explode. And it's in the style of the industrial connections you would have found through the building. I don't think people probably realize that those are new, and for me, that's a win. I think it's great when that line gets blurred. It's not a copy but it's done in the right spirit to where it doesn't jump out at you with a flashing neon light.’’ The Ordinary, from an uncovery and discovery process, was a very different project. Prior to its transformation into one of the standout seafood establishments in the Southeast, 544 King Street was home to a branch of Bank of America. From the outside, you can tell that it is a beautiful building, but according to David, no one involved, from the contractor to Mike Lata, really understood how concealed the beauty of this building was until walking inside.  
  “When we walked in there was a standard office ceiling at about 11 feet with fluorescent lights, cubicles and carpet. And the only thing you saw that gave you any hint of something cool going on was the vault door that's still there.” Once they started removing walls, beautiful brick walls with recesses that matched the windows outside were revealed, and a stairway hidden within offices in the back of the building lead to the discovery of a mezzanine.  “When you went on the mezzanine and looked over the drop ceiling, you realized there are 10 to 12 more feet up there. And then you could see the ceiling that you see today - it had just all been covered up. It was unbelievable.”   The Importance of Local As David mentioned earlier, telling the story of a building through architecture even after a renovation is an essential part of the process. On projects like The Ordinary and The Cigar Factory, David collaborates as much as he can with local artisans and craftsman. During the discovery phase of a project, so much is revealed, and having someone nearby to “freestyle with” at a moments notice is invaluable, especially when the unexpected is revealed. “You can get online and find any number of reclaimed wood guys that will sell you beams from Germany or anywhere else - beams that look really believable. But it just doesn't enrich the process. And it also doesn't do anything for your local economy. As important as the design component is the localist perspective of keeping money in Charleston and supporting local businesses.” Outside of supporting the local economy, local artisans have a sense of ownership in the process that is hard to achieve when working with someone outside of the region. “When you bring artisans in and don't try to prescribe the entire design for them, and instead let them participate, you get so much more because they believe in as much as you do and it has their signature on it.”  
To read the original article, check out http://jaieats.com/blog/beyondtheplate.  
Illustration by Tyler Pate 
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Brunch, Please

Are you a pancake person or a waffle person? Savory or Sweet? Do you run to the mimosas or Bloody Marys? These are the ultimate questions of every brunch enthusiast. Nothing beats a late morning feast with the people who understand chicken on waffles is a necessity and pancakes without blueberries are almost unlawful.   Thankfully, Charleston has no shortage in brunch adventures to keep you happy and full all weekend long. Even better, Charleston Wine + Food is bringing Charleston’s brunch game to the next level with four festival events that satisfy all types of brunch goers.   For those looking to have a colorful + collaborative brunch experience #BRUNCHSQUAD is meant for you. Join the wonderful host Ellen Bennett of Hedley & Bennett, and her all-star chef co-hosts in a morning of prepping, making + enjoying a brunch that is sure to satisfy all of your brunch goals. Anyone looking for a soulful +  inspiring brunch, look no further than Harlem + Hominy. Take your time, sit back and relax while your tastebuds take you from Charleston to Harlem. A brunch event set among the oaks of Ashley Hall, each plate is full of soulful bites.   All the morning people out there, the loud + proud brunch goers, Queens on King is calling your name. Sip champagne and channel your inner diva with our guest Monica Van Pelt of Lips, Atlanta's Exclusive Show Palace for an early afternoon of entertainment you won’t forget. Calling all those looking for a southern + flavorful brunch, 1KEPT Breakfast is for you. Join executive chef Trey Dutton and his guest Allan Benton for this tasteful brunch. Filled with gourmet offerings, characteristic flavors along with cocktails and mimosas, this is morning worthy of waking up  for.  SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave
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Cocktail Competition finalist: Morgan Hurley from Mex 1 Coastal Cantina

The beverage director at Mex 1 Coastal Cantina puts his own spin on the classic cocktail 2018 Cocktail Competition finalist Morgan Hurley has been a part of Mex 1 Coastal Cantina since the beginning. Getting his start at the Tides hotel on Folly Beach, Morgan made the switch to Mex 1 after his father, an original investor in the restaurant, asked him to join the team as the beverage director. Since his first night, Morgan has become a fixture behind the bar at Mex 1, creating exciting cocktails and training a new generation of mixologists. His competition entry “A Noble Hospitality” focuses on the soul of the tequila. Blended together with Aperol and pineapple juice, the tangy cocktail is served with a mezcal spritz and orange garnish. Morgan is proud that he and fellow competitor and coworker Shannon Standhart are representing Mex 1 in the competition. “Yes I’d like to win,” Hurley said. “But I just want to see Mex 1 bring home the title.” You can see Morgan and the other finalists of the 2018 Cocktail Competition battle it out at Souls + Saints: Día de los Muertos on November 1st. Tickets can be bought here.
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Local Love: Elevating Recycling + Compost Efforts This Festival Season

Reduce, reuse and recycle - a familiar eco-friendly mantra that we are putting a bigger emphasis on this festival season. Recycling has always been a priority of Charleston Wine + Food, but this valiant endeavour has not been an easy task. While the City of Charleston assists in disposing cardboard + glass after events, this year, we are also partnering with Smart Recycling to elevate our recycling efforts through a compost, recycle + trash initiative. Our shared mission is to reduce trash and generate creative ways to upcycle food waste from the festival. A significant amount of waste is unavoidable as a food + beverage festival, but we are excited to leave a greener legacy, one that recycles smarter, reduces the carbon footprint, and prioritizes Charleston’s environmental future. This year’s compost program will serve as a trial run to establish best practices for sorting festival waste. Our guests will see three bins this year, one for recycling, one for trash, and one for compost. Volunteers will staff each station to assist guests in disposing everything from merlot-stained plastic cups to remaining morsels of food. The majority of festival waste comes from the Culinary Village, so for this first year our recycling program will live in the village. And the best news?  We use biodegradable products, so almost everything will be able to be composted or recycled. Composted products take just a short 30-40 days to turn into rich viable soil, so within a month's time local farmers will be utilizing compost produced directly from the festival. The effectiveness of the Smart Recycling partnership will be tracked through the number of times each bin is dumped, with the hope that this effort will result in a significant reduction in the amount of garbage produced and an increase in compostable materials. Smart Recycling will train festival volunteers and help facilitate the trash + composting process. Our very own Erin Connolly and Lauren Turgeon are championing our recycling program, and shared this secondary goal of training volunteers to understand the difference between the items for compost, recycle, and trash to not only reduce festival waste but also help educate and motivate guests to continue recycling + composting at home. We are proud stewards of the land, protecting + preserving the beauty of the #1 city in the world. So we ask you to join our eco-friendly initiative and help us #PourIntoCharleston.
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Find the Truck

Limehouse Produce, a proud annual supporter of Charleston Wine + Food, has wrapped a delivery truck again with a special festival design to celebrate and promote the 2017 festival. The wrapped truck features images from Charleston Wine + Food's 2017 ad campaign. This year's truck showcases a female eating a watermelon sourced by Limehouse Produce, and can be seen driving around town making deliveries. Steps to get involved are: 1.    People that “Find the Truck” can snap a photograph 2.    Post the photo to Facebook and tag: Limehouse Produce and Charleston Wine + Food 3.    OR tag on Instagram: @limehouselocal and @chswineandfood 4.    Include the hashtag #CHSWFFLimehouseTruck One lucky person who submits an image will be selected randomly to win four tickets to Sinister Siesta presented by The National Pork Board on Sunday, March 5 located at The Royal American. The deadline to submit photos is Monday, February 27 at 4:00 p.m. for consideration. Anyone can submit photos and there is also no limit to the amount that one posts to the sites. Limehouse Produce does ask that all photos are done parked and not while driving a vehicle.
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Need Assistance?

We totally get it. The 2018 festival has a lot going on. Let us guide you through the ticketing process, answer any questions, and help point you in the right direction.

Here's how to reach us:

843 727 9998
635 Rutledge Avenue, Suite 101, Charleston, SC 29403