Culinary + Hospitality Investment Fund


Culinary + Hospitality Investment Fund

The restaurant community is always among the first to donate their time and resources to our local charities and causes, and in a time of crisis they are among the first responders that keep our community nourished. The culinary + hospitality community has become the backbone of the tourism industry here locally and the reason why so many see the area as a destination not only for travel, but business as well.

Our local restaurants offer more than just food – they offer places to gather, share a delicious meal, celebrate, share stories, break down barriers, and most importantly to connect to our community.

And today, this industry is met with even more challenges and must meet these challenges on razor thin margins. In times of unexpected circumstances, they, too, can be in need of support. 

This is where we are stepping in.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2025, Charleston Wine + Food is proud to announce the launch of a new initiative – the Charleston Wine + Food Culinary and Hospitality Investment Fund. This strategic initiative marks a significant expansion of the organization’s mission to foster growth and innovation within the vibrant culinary landscape of Charleston.

About the Fund:

The Charleston Wine + Food fund aims to more deeply support and invest in the local food and beverage industry locally. Having contributed $170.5 million in economic impact since its inception nearly 20 years ago, CHSWF is creating a new vehicle to provide direct, immediate and positive impact on individuals and businesses in the culinary industry. The fund will provide financial resources, mentorship, and opportunities for emerging and established culinary + hospitality professionals in the Charleston community.

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