Board of Directors

Charleston Wine + Food’s Board of Directors establishes the organization’s strategic direction, ensures our compliance with all legal requirements, and keeps our organization financially healthy. As leaders in the community, they act as brand representatives of Charleston Wine + Food and portray our values of people first, community, and good stewardship.

The Board of Directors meets every other month; members commit to a two year term with the option for an additional two year renewal. Any individual interested in being a part of the Charleston Wine + Food Board may be considered for membership.


  • Mamie Bush, Chair
  • Kim Unterreiner, Vice Chair
  • Steve Palmer, Immediate Past Chair
  • Andy Covode, Treasurer
  • Rashaunda Grant, Secretary
  • Tommy Preston, Communications Chair
  • Jacques Larson, Chef Chair
  • Carrie Morey, Member
  • Jason G. Brown, Member
  • Tim Davis, Member
  • Kevin Mitchell, Member
  • Keith Benjamin, Member
  • Dartarian Moore, Member
  • Caitlin Champ, Member
  • Jennifer Murray, Member
  • Tracie Richardson, Member
  • Karalee Fallert, Board Advisor
  • Charles Carmody, Board Advisor
  • Robin Lee Griffith, Board Advisor
  • Rick Widman, Chair Emeritus
  • Laura Hewitt, Chair Emerita