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#WhyIWineandFood: Vonda Freeman

Vonda Freeman

A bottle of Veranillo Del Monte Chino. That’s the wine, above all others, that Indigo Road Wine Director Vonda Freeman would pair with the experience of being in Charleston for the first time. “Veranillo is something that’s definitely got a rusticity to it, it’s got a lot of history to it. It’s often known to be a powerful, big wine, when it’s truly got a lot of finesse, a lot of elegance to it.”. Both Charleston + Vonda’s wine selections have one thing in common - they both exude a sense of deep, rich history. Whether you’re talking a walk down to the market, or enjoying a bottle of La Pietra Cabreo at Indaco, it’s likely you’ll feel the sense of history that has always kept Vonda attached to the Lowcountry.

Vonda, like many other sommeliers, got her start in the food + beverage industry. With a chuckle, the master sommelier explained: “Quite frankly, it’s because it’s where I found I could make the most money and at the end of the day, I really just fell in love with it. I fell in love with the people, of course I loved food and I grew to really love wine.” As soon as Vonda got her first authentic taste of the wine industry, she never looked back.

After spending 27 years in Charleston, Vonda left the restaurant side of the industry, with her sights set on wine sales. This decision to leave her safe space is one that Vonda describes as the most pivotal moment of her career. She found herself in a dilemma, stay in the place she knows and loves, or depart to Florida for the chance to move up in the industry? Vonda credits a mentor she had at the time for her making the right decision. “I was on the phone, so distraught. He said are you not taking the job because you dont think its the right thing? Or are you not taking this step out of fear?,” she recalls. “I had never had anyone ask me a question like that before. So I had to sit back and think about it, and I had to be honest with myself, and I said ‘I’m afraid. I’m afraid I’m gonna fail, I’m afraid I’m not gonna like it.’ So I ended up taking the decision[sic].” So Vonda took the leap, and departed for Florida, where her career took that crucial next step.

After 3 years, Vonda felt her love for Charleston pulling at her heartstrings - she needed to come home. And so she found herself on the ground floor of Indigo Road, where she really began making her mark as a sommelier. It was with Indigo Road, 9 years ago, that Vonda first became involved with the Charleston Wine + Food festival. “I had literally just gotten the promotion and taken this position at the end of February, and a week later, I was thrown into the festival and I had no idea what I was doing.” Since that first day , Vonda has seen the festival grow + morph over the years. She’s seen it go from a celebration of just wine + food, to, ultimately, a celebration of “our history, our culture, and all of our talents we have here in Charleston.” Vonda describes the festival as “really dialed into” that acknowledgment of tradition.

This year, the Indigo Road Wine Director is especially excited for festival season. Not just to see all the food writers, sommeliers, chefs, brewmasters and distillers that she says “create a influx of talent” into Charleston, but also for personal reasons. “I’m pretty excited, because Saturday I don’t have any events planned, so I actually get to go out and experience. This will be the first Saturday in my history with the company that we have not had an event, so I’m quite excited to go out and immerse myself in everything.”

During this year’s Wine + Food festival, you’ll find Vonda celebrating her long-lived love affair with the city of Charleston -- either at one of Indigo Road’s Signature Dinner events, or in the Culinary Village, where she’ll be enjoy being a part of the masses for once.

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#WhyIWineandFood: Ann Marshall

#WhyIWineandFood: Ann Marshall

An avid connoisseur of wine + food and a supporter of small + local Lowcountry businesses, Ann Marshall of High Wire Distilling embodies the true essence of a passionate Charlestonian.

Raised in Orangeburg, Ann Marshall was always close to Charleston, letting her love for the city flourish over the years. She describes her familiarity with the city through “vacationing a lot down here.” Ann Marshall + her husband, Scott Blackwell, chose Charleston for everything from weekend visits to anniversary weekends, eventually getting married out at Edisto Island.

With each visit, Ann Marshall + Scott felt a stronger pull to the Holy City. Beyond the beautiful scenery, the couple really “fell in love with the food community + the restaurant scene here,” Ann says. She explains how the “rich and special,” culinary experiences + the communal feel embedded in the city influenced her + Scott’s decision to establish their distillery here.

Courtesy of: Miguel Buencamino

“It felt like the size of Charleston was really attractive because it is very metropolitan with a lot of people flowing throughout it, but the community was really strong and the footprints are really tight,” Ann Marshall explains. “We would always run into somebody we knew every time we came to visit - the sense of community is really what drove us.”

After founding the distillery a few years ago, the business took off. High Wire spirits popped up in local food + beverage establishments around the city. It wasn’t High Wire alone, however, that began to expand + develop. New restaurants, hotels, even new distilleries, started opening all over the peninsula. “We were lucky to land in Charleston when we did,” Marshall explains. “It was right when the real estate market was taking off. We were a little limited to where we could go, to be honest, because we had to have an industrial building but also there were a lot of options around town.”

Courtesy of: Miguel Buencamino

On the hunt for an industrial space to lay roots in the city, Ann + Scott looked to upper King St. and found home near the up-and-coming Cannonborough neighborhood just past the crosstown. “We really loved the edginess of the area and how it felt very entrepreneurial,” Ann explains. “It seemed like a lot of restauranteurs + business were a little scrappier and more in-tune with what this neighborhood could be. I think people who had a great vision for transforming an area that was + still is a fantastic area.”

The couple was spot-on with their predictions. Since opening, the neighborhood expansion continues dramatically. “Now it’s just a booming,” Ann explains. “We continue to get leapfrogged by various businesses, and now we’ve got people like Monarch on Upper King anchoring the end, Rodney's up there as well. For a while, Butcher & Bee was the anchor point on this end, then we moved in and then Leon’s; it’s been a fun process to watch unfold.”

Courtesy of: Miguel Buencamino

The communal aspect of High Wire’s neighborhood reflects the core values of the business + Ann Marshall’s personal convictions. Being an authentic player in the Charleston community is something Ann Marshall takes seriously + also drives her interest in participating in events like the Charleston Wine + Food festival. “The festival is such an incredible vehicle for community,” she explains. “Not just bringing people into Charleston, but also tightening relationships within the city itself. It was really important to us when we first moved here to become a part of food and beverage community in Charleston.”

Ann Marshall describes the camaraderie between the food + beverage community leading up to the festival as a chance for connection, despite all of the chaos. “It’s just a great way to reward the community,” she says. “We pass each other in the street as we’re all so busy with our heads down, but the festival is a great moment to see more of anyone than you do all year long. I love that. It reinforces the feel of the community.”

Courtesy of: Miguel Buencamino

When they aren’t running the distillery + making appearances at local restaurants, bars and festivals, Ann + Scott love to embrace all of the things that make the Holy City the number one travel destination in the world. Setting work life aside, the couple enjoys sailing, sitting by the pool on the weekends and taking long walks around the city, occasionally popping into their favorite restaurants for a bite. “We’re really passionate about beverages, but we’re also really passionate about food,” she says. “A lot of the fun for us is just getting out at restaurants around Charleston and seeing what’s out there - we kind of eat, sleep and breathe it all.”

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Virginia Wineries & Cideries You Don't Want To Miss At CHSWFF

Wine + food lovers flock to Charleston every year to discover new chefs, restaurants, wines, and more, and gather together to celebrate the culinary feats happening all around our country. The Virginia Wine Board is proud to participate in CHSWFF year after year and pour wines that represent our great state. As the fifth largest wine producer in the US, comprised of more than 300 wineries and vineyards, CHSWFF is an incredible platform to showcase what we’ve been working on back home. We’ve selected a few of our fantastic producers to join us at CHSWFF and share a bit more of what they’re doing in Virginia wine country. We can’t wait to toast the occasion with you at four great CHSWFF events. In anticipation, we rounded up some interesting tidbits from our winemakers and a preview of what they’ll be pouring during the festival. Cheers! #VAWine  

Can’t miss VA Wine events:

Thursday, March 1, Shuck It: Oysters 101 Participating producers: Ingleside Vineyards , Thibaut-Janisson Winery, Boxwood Estate Winery, Veritas Vineyard & Winery Friday, March 2, Kith & Kin Participating producers: Williamsburg Winery, Ox-Eye Vineyards, Lovingston Winery, Boxwood Estate Winery Saturday, March 3, How ‘Bout Them Apples? Participating producers: Foggy Ridge Cider, Blue Bee Cider, Castle Hill Cider Saturday, March 3, Shucked Participating producers: Ingleside Vineyards , Thibaut-Janisson Winery, Williamsburg Winery, Ox-Eye Vineyards, Lovingston Winery, Boxwood Estate Winery, Blue Bee Cider, Veritas Vineyard & Winery  

Meet our VA Wine producers:

Foggy Ridge Cider Foggy Ridge Cider began in 1997 with a cider apple orchard in the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains. Founder, Diane Flynt “grows ingredients”—bitter and acidic apples like Hewe’s Crab, Harrison, Tremlett’s Bitter, Ashmead’s Kernel and Dabinett, all full of complex flavor. For over a dozen years, our crew has crafted traditional cider apples into fine cider using all the skill and expertise of modern fermentation. For CHSWFF, Foggy Ridge Cider is working with Husk Charleston, a longtime supporter of their orchard-focused ciders, to present a cider workshop for Festival goers. Husk restaurants in Charleston, Greenville, SC and Savannah, GA, all offer Foggy Ridge Cider blends on their bar and beverage lists. The How ‘Bout Them Apples workshop includes cider tasting from top tier cider producers across the US including Castle Hill Cider and Blue Bee Cider from VA, as well as New York ciders. A Library Cider from the Foggy Ridge Cider cellar is also part of this workshop for cider enthusiasts. Ox-Eye Vineyards Ox-Eye’s vineyard site, in a high protected perched valley, offers cool climate varieties (i.e. Riesling, Lemberger and Gruner Veltliner) the chance to mature to full flavor and still maintain significant amounts of acidity.  As a family operation, their efforts to craft fine wines through minimal intervention result in varietally correct vintages that respect the terroir and offer pleasing and unique wines to enjoy. Williamsburg Winery This week 30 years ago, Williamsburg Winery had their first wine sale, meaning they’ve officially been selling Virginia wine for 30 years! That in itself is very unique, making them the 8th oldest winery still operating in the Commonwealth. Williamsburg Winery’s property, known as Wessex Hundred, is where some of the first grapes were grown in Colonial Virginia. It's fair to say that the Virginia wine industry was born in Williamsburg. The Acte 12 of 1619 Chardonnay, pays homage to the early wine industry in Colonial AmericaIn addition to our winery and 40+ acres of vineyards, our 300-acre Wessex Hundred farm is home to two restaurants and a 28-room boutique hotel. Boxwood Estate Winery Boxwood is located and in the Middleburg Virginia AVA, created by Executive Vice President, Rachel Martin. A family owned and operated winery, Boxwood is run by the sister and brother team, Executive Vice President, Rachel Martin and Vice President, Sean Martin. Rachel oversees Boxwood Winery’s viticulture, winemaking and distribution. Sean manages the tasting room, wine club and two wine bars in the greater Washington, DC area: Reston, VA and National Harbor, MD. Staying within the Bordeaux-style, Boxwood Winery has added an estate-grown, Sauvignon Blanc to the repertoire of red Bordeaux-style blends. This wine is made to be paired with shellfish (most successfully with oysters)The Boxwood Reserve 2015, a Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon blend that was scored 93 points by James Suckling will be featured along with our dry and delicious Boxwood Rosé 2017. Blue Bee Cider Blue Bee Cider established the first urban cidery in the South in 2012. The vast majority of their cider is sold on site, at their historic stone stables complex. The cider that our owner Courtney Mailey will be pouring is a single varietal called Harrison, a rare heirloom variety reclaimed from near extinction when Courtney was a cider-making apprentice. Harrison was the most prized cider apple in the British colonies at the end of the colonial era and during the transition into independence as the United States. As a cider apple without other redeeming qualities such as fresh eating, juice or vinegar making, Harrison fell out of production during the Prohibition Era. The last Harrison tree was discovered in 1976 (when Courtney was three years old!) and cuttings floated around fruit exploring networks until Tom Burford was able to positively identify it in Virginia in the late 1990s. Lovingston Winery Lovingston Winery will be pouring the Pinotage 2014 just released the weekend of CHSWFF. Lovingston is one of only a handful of wineries producing Pinotage in the United States, with only 65-acres approximately in US soil. While Pinotage is a cross of Pinot Noir and Cinsault, the 2016 vintage shows the Pinot Noir side of its lineage more than ever before, thanks in large part to the vineyard practices and whole-berry ferment that our winemakers Riaan Rossouw and Stephanie Wright employ at Lovingston. Ingleside Vineyards Founded in 1980, Ingleside Vineyards is one of Virginia’s oldest and largest wineries. Ingleside will be pouring their 2016 Albariño and 2014 Left Bank. Both wines were made from grapes grown on Ingleside’s 50 acres of vineyards. Made from 100% Albariño, the crisp yet fruit-forward characteristics of this wine make it a perfect pairing with oysters. Ingleside’s 2016 Albariño received a Double Gold medal and the designation of “Best Albariño” at the 2017 San Francisco International Wine Competition. The 2014 Left Bank is a Bordeaux-style red blend. It was inspired by the Cabernet Sauvignon-based wines from the left bank of the Gironde River in Bordeaux, France. Made from a blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Cabernet Franc, 20% Petit Verdot and 10% Merlot, it was a Gold Medal winner in the 2018 Virginia Governor’s Cup Competition.
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Top Five Wines Under $40

If there’s one thing we appreciate, it’s a great bottle of wine found at a great value. As we gear up for the 2018 Charleston Wine + Food Festival, our wine buyer Mike van Beyrer shares some of his favorite finds under $40. These food-friendly varietals will complement your dinner table without breaking the bank.  
  1. Niner Cabernet Sauvignon, Paso Robles, California (2014)
This is one of Niner's darkest Estate Cabernet Sauvignons ever. On the nose this wine has depth with black currant, tobacco and dried herbs. On the palate black cherry, dark chocolate and dried sage are balanced with ample tannin and a long, lingering finish. This is a classic Cabernet Sauvignon with its harmonious blend of full-bodied fruit, luscious tannins and well-integrated acidity, and it shows how well these two Paso Robles vineyards work in a blend. (90 points, Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate)  
  1. Fess Parker Chardonnay, Santa Barbara, California (2016)
This 100% Chardonnay offers flavors of ripe apple, butter, lemon, and melon that are perfectly balanced with light toasty oak on the palate. Tropical notes finish with a lovely spiciness. (89 points, Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate)  
  1. Opolo Petite Sirah, Paso Robles, California (2014)
Much like Zinfandel, Petite Sirah is a varietal that is truly associated with California. Traditionally used for blending due to its inky color and abundance of tannin, Petite Sirah is often overlooked as a single varietal. This wine boasts a beautiful fruity nose of blackberries, prunes, figs and black currants with some chocolate and spice notes. Decant for an hour and drink now, or lay down for 2-4 years.  
  1. Left Coast Cellars White Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley, Oregon (2016)
Founded in 2003 with 350 acres of land and 130 acres of vineyards, Left Coast Cellars uses sustainable viticulture to produce estate-grown wine. By eliminating skin contact, the vineyard produces this White Pinot Noir with a natural, light copper color. Aromas of peaches, pear apple sauce, lime peel and dried oregano characterize this medium to full-bodied wine. A slight touch of sweetness is balanced out by perky acidity, and it finishes with tart, juicy citrus notes.  
  1. Hallberg Ranch Russian River Valley Pinot Noir, California (2014 Emeritus)
Hallberg Ranch, formerly an apple orchard, is a vineyard with entirely dry farmed Pinot Noir grapes, which offers a balance between lush fruit and an earthy darkness given sandy loam, clay soils and cooler temperatures. Aged just ten months, this Pinot Noir offers rich black cherry, cranberry, blueberry and pomegranate notes. On the back palate, you’ll find sweet cedar, cola, a hint of basil and a subtle earthiness. The evident acidity, in line with typical Russian River Valley Pinot Noirs, make this bottle well-suited to food.   Stop by the Bottles Wine Retail Shop in Marion Square during the festival to find Mike’s top wines under $40, attend tastings with our featured winemakers, and shop our wide selection of bottles. Don’t forget that any wines you enjoy at Charleston Wine + Food signature dinners or offsite events can also be purchased in our tent. Cheers!
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Cocktail Competition finalist: Shannon Standhart of Mex 1 Coastal Cantina

The bubbly bar manager at Mex 1 Coastal Cantina serves up an un-bee-lievable cocktail 2018 Cocktail competition finalist Shannon Standhart has made a big splash at Mex 1 Coastal Cantina. After receiving a bartending course from her grandmother for Christmas, she fell in love with the exciting, fast-paced environment behind the bar. Trading in the Maine coast for South Carolina’s shores, Shannon is now a bar manager at Mex 1 where she dazzles customers with her infectious smile and tasty cocktails. Her cocktail entry “MisBEEhavin’” is a simple yet fun mix of lemon juice, agave nectar and honey liqueur. Served in a chilled glass rimmed with lemon zest and sugar, the sweet cocktail is sure to leave you buzzing with excitement. Although she is competing against her fellow Mex 1 mixologist Morgan Hurley, Shannon is ready to take home the title. “I would love to beat him,” she said. “He would never be able to live it down.” You can see Shannon and the other finalists of the 2018 Cocktail Competition battle it out at Charleston Wine + Food’s Souls + Saints event on November 1st. Tickets can be bought at www.charlestonwineandfood.com.
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10 Can't Miss Events Under $100

It’s crunch time people! With the festival less than almost a week away, those looking to purchase last minute tickets to the best events can look no further. Check out our favorite events under $100 here: Fowl Mouth - $95 This’ll be the best #partyfowl you’ve ever seen. Check us out at Cooper River Brewing Co. for all things winged fowl. Accompany your smoky snacks with fresh beer, wine, and deep bourbon cocktails at this low-key hangout that’s sure to kick off your weekend the right way! Dynamic Drinking: Making Sinsky Of It All - $95 For one of the best deals of the festival, make your friends jealous with this once in a lifetime chance to hear what Master Sommeliers and elite vineyard owners have to say about some of the best wine in the world. Sustainable and environmentally friendly wines are the focus of this panel, so sit back and get ready to have your tastebuds tannon-talized! Commodores + Admirals - $75 Think delicious party at Charleston’s hottest new late night hangout, The Commodore. Yummy snacks and craft cocktails to be provided by Roti Rolls accompanied by special guests from The Lot on James Island and Eric Warnstedt of the Hen of the Wood (Burlington, VT). Come dance the night away with us at CHSWFF’s hottest new event of 2017! The Ice Age of Mixology - $75 Ever wondered what it takes to make a good cocktail? Fresh mixers, elite liquor, and ICE, of course! Come to Proof with mixologist Charlotte Voisey to learn how ice can make or break a great drink. What The Pho? - $70 Oodles of East-Asian inspired noodles and high energy music by DJ Rehab, this event held at the Le Creuset Atelier is sure to go down in the history books. Imagine a dozen of your favorite local and guest chefs partyin’ all night long- chopsticks provided. The Business of Food - $70 With guests speaker stars like Chef Danny Meyer, Nancy Silverton, Ruth Reichl, Darcy Shankland, and Steve Palmer, those looking to get the inside scoop on the restaurant business look no further. Those already in the local food + bev business, enter code INDY17 and receive a $25 ticket! Namaste Bubbly - $65 Join us in the Cedar Room at the Cigar Factory for an exclusive yoga class taught by local favorite Cortney Ostrosky followed by Sunday champs and healthy fare. Round up your friends and let’s get fizzical! Pedals + Pints - $65 Bring your own bike or rent one from Trek Mt. Pleasant for a stylish, leisurely ride through downtown Charleston with your favorite brewmasters. Reward yourself after with local food truck bites and drafts; this event is sure to be snatched up by beer and bicycle lovers everywhere, so don’t wait! Iron Mixologist - $65 This live action, Iron Chef America-style cocktail combat is back and supported by Imbibe to bring guests the ultimate exhilarating experience. Enjoy exclusive cocktails crafted by local mixologists at Bar Mash and watch the competition unfold! Pecha Kucha + Wine + Food - $40 Join an all-star lineup of local chefs and restaurateurs MC’ed by Tradesman Brewing Company’s Chris Winn to be inspired by food + bev chatter and snacks + drinks. Get your tickets now for this 3rd time event that’s sure to be the opposite of boring. Didn't find the event curated perfectly for you + your crew? No fear! Find a complete list of all of our events with a simple click!
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Spirt-Heavy Events

Are you ready to drink your way through the festival?  If wine just isn’t for you and beer never seems to cut it, look no further than these spirit-heavy events curated for liquor lovers like you!  The Lowcountry has endless bourbon, rum, tequila, + whiskey to offer, plus so much more, which is why we’ve teamed up with the best distributors and distilleries to ensure everyone can get a taste.  Check out what we’ve been getting excited about for weeks below and get ready to knock ‘em back- the festival is just two weeks away!   Iron Mixologist - $65 Presented by William Grant & Sons Supported by Imbibe It’s time to crown our next Iron Mixologist!  Charleston Wine + Food’s 6th annual cocktail competition modeled after Iron Chef America will take place at Mercantile’s Bar Mash this year- and the competitors are gearing up a stiff race and even stiffer drinks.  Sit back and sip on their creations to witness which mixologist will next claim the title! The Ice Age of Mixology - $75 Supported by Imbibe Presented by William Grant & Sons Ever think about how ice can make a difference in your cocktail?  Learn how to choose and use the best ice for your own cocktails and how bartenders are changing the ice game from mixologist Charlotte Voisey while sipping on an ice-cold drink.  Come to Proof for an enlightening and booze-filled afternoon! A Bourbon Affair - $115 Presented by Brackish Supported by Cigar Aficionado Brown water aficionado? The Cedar Room is calling your name! This high-class venue will host every bourbon lover’s dream event: a lineup of the country’s 50 best bourbons and stylish, hand-picked bites to match.  Dress your best for a swanky afternoon of drinking + cigars. The Home Bar at High Wire Distilling Company - $125 Supported by Imbibe If you’ve ever wanted to know how to make the perfect Tom Collins or Mint Julep right in your own kitchen, look no further than this event at High Wire Distilling Co.  Mixologist Jerry Slater will guide us through the ins + outs of cocktail creation (and consumption) to figure out what it takes to make a good cocktail GREAT. Hooked On Bowens - $135 Presented by Don Julio A festival favorite, this evening soirée on Bowens Island will be highlighted by tasty cocktails, free-flowing wine, stunning sunset views on the water, and of course a mouthwatering multi-course meal straight from the sea. If you have a fear of missing out, don’t waste one more minute - purchase your ticket now.
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Top 10 Festival Wines Under $30

With the festival just one month away, at Charleston Wine + Food we think everyone deserves a drink right now!  In order to ensure everyone has the chance to taste the best vinos on the market right now, our partner Bottles has graciously provided a list of delectable wines all under $30!  Affordable wine that still tastes amazing? Be sure to stop by their Wine Retail Tent in the Culinary Village to snag a bottle for yourself.

List curated by Mike van Beyrer

Lioco Chardonnay 2014: $19.99

This Sonoma County pick is brilliant, focused and nuanced, with plenty of citrus, lemon peel, white pepper and orchard fruit nuances. Vinification and aging in steel keeps the flavors fresh throughout. One of the very best values in California Chardonnay you’ll come across.  

Lioco “Sativa” Carignane 2014: $29.99, 92 points Vinous

The 2014 Sativa, 100% old-vine Carignan from Mendocino County, is one of the most striking wines in this price range. A host of inky blue and purplish-hued fruits, mint, spices and leather make a strong impression.  

Felino Malbec 2015: $20.99

This Malbec is always a terrific value, showcasing Mendoza fruit with a California style, and at a great price.  Paul Hobbs and Nicolas Catena are behind this gem.  

Vina Sastre Ribera del Duero 2014: $19.99

Lots of flowers on the nose, particularly violets and lavender, and also some roasted coffee notes. Smooth with mellow tannins, this wine is savory and lightly smoky. The finish is long and mineral with an iron quality.  A perfect pair for grilled lamb chops, sausages, and chickpea stew.  

Patton Pinot Noir 2014: $22.99, 90 Points Vinous

A pale red. Lively, sharply focused aromas of redcurrant and strawberry accented by white pepper and orange zest. Refreshingly brisk and racy on the palate, with weightless bitter cherry and red berry flavors taking a sweeter turn on the back half. This distinctly graceful Pinot finishes with very good lift and spicy cut, leaving berry skin and allspice notes behind.  

Omero Pinot Noir 2014: $23.99

This sublime Oregon Pinot comes from a tiny family owned winery in Carlton, OR. Everything is organic, hand harvested and hand crafted at Omero and this is their largest production offering at just 2100 cases. Cinnamon, vanilla and sandalwood complement the opulent cherry fruit along with notes of rhubarb and sassafras.  

Adelaida Zinfandel 2013: $21.99

Aromas of dried cherries, anise, and Christmas spice. Flavors of crushed raspberries, cranberries, grated nutmeg, chocolate shavings.  Pairs well with barbecued tri-tip with caramelized onions, grilled lamb chops with pistachio salsa verde, carnitas tacos with tomatillo salsa.  

Patricia Green Reserve Pinot Noir 2015: $27.99

A deep red. Expansive red berry and floral pastille scents and flavors show impressive energy and pick up a hint of smokiness as the wine opens up. Smooth and fleshy but lively as well; a late jolt of white pepper adds spicy bite. Generous but vibrant in character, finishing very long and sweet, with gentle tannins lending shape and subtle grip. This wine delivers exceptional bang for the buck.  

Kivelstadt Sonoma Sauvignon Blanc 2015:  $19.99

Expressive scents and flavors of Meyer lemon, quince and pungent herbs, along with notes of ginger and chalky minerals. Silky and expansive in the mouth, with a floral quality adding complexity. Finishes focused and dry, with dusty citrus pith and mint nuances clinging.  

Kivelstadt Red Blend 2013:  $23.99

Rhone style blend made from 50% Syrah from our estate vineyard, 25% Grenache, and 25% Carignane from Venturi Vineyard.  The Carignane and Grenache bring high tone fruit, approachability and energy to balance out the earthier Syrah in the blend. The wine sees 10% new French oak for 16 months and is our bistro style red wine - versatile with an array of cuisine.
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The Culinary Village: What To Expect

The Culinary Village is the epicenter of Charleston Wine + Food.  Three days of nonstop cooking demonstrations, tastings, special guests, and local artists are sure to be among the highlights of your culinary experience. Here you’ll make those festival memories you won’t soon forget.   All-day access to the Village is available with just one ticket, and if you’re from Charleston, you can purchase a ticket to Sunday’s village for just $75!  Talk about local love. Returning favorites are sure to please: the Artisan Market, Rosé Garden + Grilling presented by Chateau d'Esclans, Biergarten presented by Bay Street Biergarten, and The Hub are all the buzz for festival veterans.   But wait, there’s more! Be sure to check out what’s BRAND NEW in the Culinary Village this year: Top Chef Quickfire Challenge:  Top Chef fans will be treated to the ultimate performance and epic chef throwdown on Friday at 1pm!  With Bravo Top Chef’s own Gail Simmons moderating the Quick Fire Challenge, you’ll want to grab a seat in the front row. The Corkyard: Our new all wine, all the time, Corkyard will be open for those vino devotees eager to taste creations by over 20 wineries from around the world. Wine not spend all day here?  You’ll be able to chat with fellow wine lovers and drink your way to red, white, and rosé heaven.  Oh! And don't forget to check out the Wine Retail Shop presented by Bottles to take home some of your new favorites along with wine-o accessories for sommeliers + newbies alike! Snack Shacks: Four new spots for a tasty twist on some of our Lowcountry favorites.  “Duck, Duck Goose” will feature exclusively duck and foie gras dishes. “Grit Happens” will highlight our beloved Southern chefs firing up what they know best.  Strictly sliders are on the menu at “Nice Buns”, and lastly “Beer-Battered + Fried” will appear in the Biergarten for everyone’s inner greasy glutton. The interactive environment between chef and attendee make for an intimate Village experience. Teepee Talks: Heritage Radio Network’s new, expanded Teepee Talks are returning for an extra large second helping in the Village this year.  We’ve added a second teepee for more chatter and even more fun that everyone can take part in. Grab a drink, put on your conversation cap, and join the party! Can’t wait til March? Salivate on this for now: [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_OwSc8cNE0[/embed]  
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Meet our Artisan Market Exhibitors

The Culinary Village, taking center stage in Marion Square, is the heartbeat of the five day festival. Welcoming approximately 9,000 guests Friday, Saturday and Sunday the first weekend in March, the village offers a grandiose tasting experience featuring wine, beer, spirits, artisans, musicians, craftsmen, chefs, caterers and more. The Artisan Market, located in the Culinary Village, offers guests the opportunity to taste and sample high quality, artisan goods from local and regional companies. This year our Artisan Market will be located in a larger, open air tent and features a stellar line-up of products and companies. You will want these items in your kitchen and home. We are pleased to introduce the 2017 Artisan Market line-up: For the Foodie + Chef For the Cocktail Connoisseur For the Fashionista      
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Need Assistance?

We totally get it. The 2018 festival has a lot going on. Let us guide you through the ticketing process, answer any questions, and help point you in the right direction.

Here's how to reach us:

843 727 9998
635 Rutledge Avenue, Suite 101, Charleston, SC 29403