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In Good Company: Alan Shaw + Greer Gilchrist

By: Victoria McMillin

Have you ever walked into a new restaurant or gym and thought “I wonder what goes into operating a place like this. What are their schedules like? Do they have a life? I’ll bet this owner straight forgot what pizza takes like.” I have done that more times than I can count. Being a business owner is not easy, and being one that is part of the wellness community allows for its own set of stereotypes and assumptions. I sat down with local business owners Greer Gilchrist of The Harbinger Cafe and Harken Cafe and Alan Shaw of Rhapsody Crossfit to get insight into how they view wellness, what their lifestyles are like, and if pizza and beer are ever on the dinner menu. 

Victoria: Start off telling me how you know each other? You two seem close.

Alan: We opened Rhapsody last July and Greer was one of our first members.

Greer: I joined in August.

Alan: And she just started working out and we became really good friends. Greer was incredibly skeptical of CrossFit, even to this day sometimes she’s like “hmm, I don’t know”, but at the end of the workout she’s like “I did that, I made it through.

Greer: That is still a present tense (laughs). I have been so busy since opening Harken, that I hadn’t worked out in a long time. But yesterday I worked out, and I slept like a baby. 

Tell me about your podcast Alan. I know Greer has been on it before.

A: It’s called Rhapsody Radio. It is not about fitness or food. It's more about having coffee conversations with people about everyday life. We talk about leadership and struggles of business ownership, and life and love, all that stuff.

G: Yeah, I guess it's kind of coming of age stories. You talk about where people came from and how they got to where they are. 

I love “How I built this." Is it kind of like that?

A: Oh yeah, totally. My husband is a Broadway producer and people all the time tell him, “You’re so amazing and successful, I will never be there,” and he’s like, “It took me 15 years to get to this place.” I think it's really interesting to see how people got to where they are. Giving insight into that helps give people hope. Everyone has a progression to get to their dreams.

Not an overnight success, it is something people work daily for

G: People forget that. People all the time in their 20’s think, “I already need to be here,” or even when they get older, they get upset that they aren’t at a certain point, and it takes a really long time. Hearing backstories, hearing timelines is very important. When I was on the podcast, the episode was called “Made with Love”. It’s just about needing to have a heart with anything you do. That’s what makes the difference. If you are just going through the motions, people will see through it. 

Greer, why did you open Harken? When did you decide you wanted a second restaurant?

G: We always had in the plans that we wanted a second. We opened The Harbinger in June 2017 and we were approached by the developers here in October 2017 about opening it. So we’ve been working on it for a really long time. It’s now October 2019 so it has been in the works for a while. So yeah, we felt like this area needed it. Cameron had a lot of design inspiration she needed to use up, and I had a lot of food inspiration I needed to use up, and we just always wanted a little sister for Harbinger. 

I love it. Are there any intrinsic differences in the menu?

G: Yeah, it’s a completely different menu. So its not intrinsic differences, its complete differences. (laughs) They have the same bones though. I mean you can walk in here and know that it's related to Harbinger. 

It has a very similar vibe

G: Right, the vibe we don’t want to change, but the design is different. It still has all of Cameron [Neal, Greer’s business partner] in it, so it’s similar. 

I haven’t even eaten the food yet, but I can tell they are sisters. It’s a beautiful space. This is a question for both of you. What do you consider to be your dietary lifestyle?

G: I feel people probably think both me and Al have these really healthy diets because you are a fitness expert and I have a healthy bakery, but I don’t subscribe to any diet. (laughs) I have been told that I eat like a teenage boy.

A teenage boy? Is that like pizza and nachos at all times? 

G: (Laughs) Exactly! I had nachos for dinner with beer. 

So you don’t deprive yourself. 

G: No, I do not. I like all food.

Your menus are pretty plant-based though, right? I go to Harbinger if I want a nutritious meal. 

G: Yeah, I like veggies and I understand balance. I don’t eat pizza or nachos, usually, ever. I have to get up very early and work very late. My day is just about endurance. If I eat what I really want, which is like Doritos, I will feel terrible. 

A: I think it's about awareness, right? We both understand what food does to your body, so we make conscious choices. Like if I am going to go to Home Team BBQ, and I am going to get nachos, then I’m making that conscious decision, and that’s okay. I’m also not going to do that every night. Just like Greer said, waking up at 4:00 am and not leaving until 9:30 at night, you have to be an endurance athlete, so you have to fuel your body in that way which is really essential. 

And you probably know your body more than most people. So you know that if you have 10 beers, you’re going to feel like crap for a few days. 

A: Oh yeah, if I have 10 beers, you won’t see me for a couple of days. (laughs) That is game over. I’m a cheap date. Give me 2 beers and I am good to go. 

G: Oh my God, I ate those nachos because I had one beer and was like, “I’m so drunk, give me the nachos.” (Laughs)

A: (Laughs) Oh my God, I love you. I mean, we live in Charleston. It’s food central. When you live in Charleston you get spoiled on the food. When you go anywhere else, nothing can compare to what’s going on here. That being said, it's also really, really rich in food here. Our entire population at Rhapsody, I don’t think there’s anyone that completely restricts their diet from something.

G: Yeah, you guys never talk about it which is so great. There’s no shame around anything, which is something I love so much. It's not about getting the bikini body. In fact, I think the last Christmas party, they served pizza. And not like cauliflower crust, like real true pizza. Everybody type is there, every fitness level is there. Everyone is embraced

A: The last thing I want to do is shame anyone. That is not helpful in any sort of fashion. Everyone is coming to health and fitness in a different way. If someone wants help with nutrition, we are there to help you with that, but I’m not going to shove it down your throat. I just want you to show up every day and get your hour of fitness in. If you can do that, I guarantee you will see results. That maybe being happier in your everyday life, but you will see a difference. It's about the community that we’ve created there. It is inclusive for everyone. There is not a cookie-cutter mold of “this is what a Rhapsody member is”.

G: It's not about getting a six-pack and just eating lettuce. I feel like it's always focused so much more often on not physical goals.

We have a whole wellness component to Charleston Wine + Food this year. Wellness has become a buzzword and people think, “I go to the gym and I eat salads and I’m practicing wellness,” but there is a whole picture to it, like what you were saying. How would define wellness or what is wellness to you? 

A: Wellness encompasses every aspect of your life. Wellness is how you sleep. It's how you interact with your family members. How your drive to work is, your fitness level, what you put into your body, what you are drinking, and also, meditation and mental clarity. All of those things are incredibly important. If one of those things is out of whack or out of sync, that is when we start to feel unwell, right? But I think more and more, it's not just about looking good naked. That’s easy. Stop eating, drink water, and get on the treadmill for 2 hours and you’ll lose weight. 

Right, calories in, calories out.

A: Exactly, that has nothing to do with wellness. What it has everything to do with your mental state. If I feel good about myself, then the rest will align. Most people are trying to focus on “if I look like this, then this will fix that.” But we need to focus on past history. I used to be a big guy, I used to be 230 lbs. I was really unhealthy and used to hate to look at myself in the mirror and didn’t like myself. But, at the same time, once I started to focus on my inward beauty, and that started to line up, the rest started to line up. I started to eat better, I started to sleep better, hydrate, meditate, go to the gym. Once I started to focus inward and like myself, and my mental clarity started to happen. People like to start on the outside, but that’s not how it works. It starts on the inside and works its way out. And I am the living proof of that.

G: That’s the hardest stuff. The internal. The outside stuff is easier. 

Greer, what about you? What do you consider wellness to be?

G: I’m probably going to agree with what Alan said. I don’t think that wellness comes from what you eat, or how many miles you run, or anything like that. I think it's all about how you feel and how you take care of yourself. For me, I am a little bit neurotic, so I have very clear definitions for myself of what my wellness is, and when I stray from that, it becomes very obvious. For me, it is very important that I pay attention to what I eat because I love junk food, and if I eat that, then I feel terrible, sleepy, have brain fog, so I need to eat a lot of veggies, talk to my friends and family, exercise, I need dessert. (laughs) So I need all those things in my everyday life. When we opened Harken this week, I fell off and it was really obvious. Yesterday I felt awful and at the end of the day was like, “I still have a million things to do, but I am going to give myself the gift of exercise.” And I felt so much better afterward. 

And it’s therapy. You’re probably better at your job when you take care of yourself.

G: Right, and you have to remember that you don’t win a prize for treating yourself crappy. It’s not like “I’ll run myself into the ground for this” because then you’ve just run yourself into the ground (laughs). And that sucks.

A: Yeah, I feel the same way. You’re not a martyr. 

G: And you could brag about it, I guess, but hopefully someone is there to be like “shut up.” (laughs)

I love that you two aren’t the quintessential idea of what a gym owner or restaurant owner is considered to be like. Alan, you aren’t sitting there being like, “everyone needs to go keto all the time”. And Greer, you seem to have a well-rounded lifestyle. There is a kind of belief that the restaurant industry is like a “hard knock life.” Work hard, play hard, drink until all hours of the day. 

G: It’s so funny because my mom is an ER doctor and raised 4 babies, and my dad is a doctor too. People think, “Oh, you work such grueling shifts,” and I’m like, “No, my mom worked grueling shifts.” There she is, 5 months pregnant working overnight shifts saving people's lives. Maybe I work 14 hour days, but at the end of the day, I’m not saving anyone’s life. I think what I do does matter, but it doesn’t have to be this big dramatic thing. Like I am not going to work a double shift and then feel like I have to rip shots, and that makes me a hero. 

A: It’s a mind shift right like you can look at it like, “This is going to be really grueling,” and go down that rabbit hole, but it’s the get to versus have to mentality. Words are powerful. Even its 4:30 in the morning, I get to go to my Rhapsody home. 

G: Even if it’s dishes and it’s 9:30 at night and I’m mopping, I could think, “This sucks," but I get to mop the restaurant that I worked so hard for. 

Thank you guys for all the insight and the time, this was awesome. 

Victoria McMillin is a wellness and lifestyle blogger based out of Charleston, SC. She is also a member of the Charleston Wine + Food Brand Ambassador team. You can connect with her on Instagram at @apenneformythoughts and on her blog, www.apenneformyhtoughts.

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"Charlotte's Got a Lot" in Store for the Culinary Village

We are officially less than 72 hours out from the opening of the Culinary Village. Annually Charleston Wine + Food turns Marion Square into the most epic foodie experience riddled with food samplings, wine tastings, craft brews, some of the best spirits on the market, and a slew of interactive experiences that are guaranteed to create lasting memories.   Located in the Culinary Village, The Hub is what we consider the mecca of delectable food + beverage exhibitors from around the country. The Hub is a delicious way to experience top restaurants, purveyors, spirits, and culinary creations that you won’t soon forget. One of the most popular Hub exhibitors last year was the Charlotte’s Got a Lot activation and we expect the same to be true this year.  Guests will get a taste of the city’s burgeoning culinary community and partake in bites + sips from some of Charlotte’s most celebrated talent.     Hungry yet? ;)   The schedule for the Charlotte's Got a Lot tent in Charleston Wine + Food’s Culinary Village includes: Friday, March 8 Saturday, March 9 Sunday, March 10   As part of the culinary activation at the Charlotte tent, festival attendees who stop by will have the opportunity to enter for the chance to win the Ultimate Charlotte Culinary Trip giveaway, including accommodations, exclusive dining experiences, and more!     Additional representatives from the Charlotte region will also be in Charleston participating in various events throughout the festival including:   To check out what other experiences the Culinary Village has in store this year, visit our website.
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Beyond the Plate: Jenny Dorsey

For chef Jenny Dorsey, the experience of dining goes much farther than what is on the plate in front of you. Behind every dish there is a story + a journey for both the ingredients and the person who is cooking.     Jenny's Studio ATAO, the acclaimed chef has teamed up with a talented roster of artists + visionaries to bring to life all the feelings, emotions, and experiences that are attached to each + every recipe she creates. Using new technology like VR, Jenny and her team immerse their guests head-first into the story of every course at dinner through interactive + immersive video.   Take a taste of what Jenny is cooking up with this video which accompanies an Asian-inpsired course during her renowned dinner parties:   https://youtu.be/7V-h7HOZw84   You can see Jenny in action during Charleston Wine + Food at Kamayan Night + Boss Lady!
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Three Wines to Have on Your Radar This Year

Whether you’re interested in tasting, pairing, purchasing or just learning about different wines, Bottles experts are here to help. As we gear up for the highly anticipated 2019 Charleston Wine + Food Festival, Bottles wine buyer, Mike van Beyrer, shares some favorites to have on your radar. Each of these wine selections are worth a glass and will be available in the retail tent.  

Wolffer “Summer in a Bottle” Rosé, New York (2018)

Every year, Wolffer’s iconic bottling is the most anticipated rosé to hit the Charleston market.  We are proud to announce that the 2018 Wolffer “Summer” Rose will be released exclusively first hand in 2019 under our tent at the Charleston Wine & Food Festival.  It could be the bright, colorful label or the fresh burst of bright ripe fruit and lively acidity that people crave, but either way, the lush flavors and perfect balance make this rosé unique, elegant and satisfying.  Be one of the first to buy a bottle of this iconic rosé at the Bottles tent at Marion Square.  

Brooks Janus Pinot Noir, Oregon (2015)

Founded in 1998, Brooks is a reflection of the visionary Portland native, Jimi Brooks. His reverence for the land and vines made him a practitioner of organic and biodynamic farming.  In our opinion, Brooks is one of Oregon’s hidden gems. This wine is 75% estate and has a lovely floral alluring nose.  Warm and silky on the palette this ripe, rounded cherry-noted beauty is a textbook example of Oregon pinot noir.  Come taste and meet Janie Brooks, the owner, on Saturday in the tent.  

Halter Ranch Syrah, Paso Robles, California (2015)

In the Northern Rhone Valley, Syrah flourishes in the villages of Cornas and Cote Rotie with ethereal notes of smoked meats and provincial herbs wrapped in a seamless texture. The combination of limestone soils and cool nights brings utter magic to these wines not easily duplicated in the New World.  Halter Ranch, in Paso Robles, has recreated this magic with similar soils and air temps throughout the growing season.  This wine is a dead ringer for a richer, warmer style Cote Rotie but at half the price.  Come check it out in our tent on Saturday of Charleston Wine + Food as the winemaker, Kevin Sass, will be on hand for wine tastings and bottle signing.   Stop by the Bottles Wine Retail Shop in Marion Square from March 6- 10 to find Mike’s picks, attend tastings with our featured winemakers and shop our wide selection of bottles. Don’t forget that any wines you enjoy at Charleston Wine + Food signature dinners or offsite events can also be purchased in our tent. Cheers!
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Beyond the Plate: Experiencing Farm-To-Table at The Umstead

As issues surrounding food security and the importance of supporting local producers continue to stay relevant in the culinary world, more and more chefs are incorporating locally-sourced, sustainably-produced ingredients into their menus. Whether it’s lettuce leaves plucked straight from the soil or oysters harvested only minutes away from the tables where they’re served, the value of homegrown harvests are evident.   However, for many diners, the idea of “farm-to-table” can be little more than a buzzword uttered by a server or printed in the pages of a local restaurant review. Without an understanding of the true story of farm-to-table ingredients, the concept can be elusive.     During a recent trip to Raleigh, NC, our team had the opportunity to go beyond the plate and immerse ourselves in the journey from the fields where the ingredients were grown to the dinner table peppered with meticulously-prepared plates featuring the veggies and garnishes. For the minds behind the decorated Herons at The Umstead, farm-to-table is more than just an idea. It’s a way of providing their guests with a unique, innovative meal rooted firmly in the foodways of the area.     Despite the dreary weather, chef de cuisine Spencer Thomson accompanied us to One Oak Farm where the affectionately-dubbed farmer Alyssa showed us the process of growing the produce that adorns the plates at Herons. Amidst the foggy hills and soggy ground, we saw the covered beds and steamy greenhouses where leafy greens and fragrant spices sprouted before being harvested and incorporated into the restaurant’s menu. Alyssa’s deep understanding of her crops and their unique flavors was apparent as she shaved off pieces of various roots and picked leaves from their stalks for us to sample and taste.     With the taste of fresh ginger in our mouths, and the scent of lavender on our hands, we returned to The Umstead where we sat down to a dinner prepared by celebrated chef, Steven D. Greene. As each course was carefully set onto the table, our team was quick to spot the colorful flower buds and yellow-hued corn we had seen on the farm. The precision and intricacy of each dish was obvious as we delighted in the beautifully-crafted recipes that were rich in flavor, but still easily-identifiable as products of the area’s foodways.     The synergy between One Oak Farm and Herons at The Umstead creates a special culinary experience. Unique to the hills of Raleigh, the menu was testament to the power of the farm-to-table ideology. Steven, Spencer, Alyssa, and the entire team behind-the-scenes at Herons prove that sustainable farming and a conscious effort to champion local ingredients lead to a certain magic on the plate that can’t be replicated anywhere else. The entire operation at The Umstead is nothing short of incredible and opened our eyes to the ways in which dining can truly go beyond the plate.   The next time you take a trip, or even when you’re preparing your next home-cooked meal, take the time to seek out local ingredients and restaurants that employ farm-to-table practices. We promise your tastebuds will thank you.  
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Lowcountry Limelight: Charlotte Park

The culinary community + charitable action have always been intimately tied together for Michigan-native Charlotte Park. As the founder of a local influencer group, TastemakersCHS, and the driving force behind Crumb4Charleston, she knows first-hand the impact food can have on the world. We chatted with Charlotte to find out how she got inspired to use food as a catalyst for change and why it's important to use your platform for good in the latest addition of Lowcountry Limelight.  


How did you get your start as a food blogger/influencer?


I have always been obsessed with all things culinary: exploring new restaurants, browsing food blogs, binge watching Anthony Bourdain and cooking/baking for my friends and family. At my college in Michigan I started a “College Chef” column at our newspaper to showcase simple and affordable recipes that college kids could master. From there I created my blog Saltandpreppy.com to document all my favorite recipes so they would be easily sharable with others. Upon moving to Charleston I continued my love for cooking and baking and also found exploring new restaurants to be my favorite way to spend time with people. I was quickly introduced to the world of food instagrammers through my PR work for various restaurants at my company Lou Hammond Group. We would often host dinners and special events inviting the same influencers to experience and I quickly became friends with many of them.


You are the creative force behind Tastemakers Charleston, a monthly meetup of local influencers. Where did you get the idea to bring everyone together?


It’s no secret that Charleston is a foodie town through and through. There is a large number of wonderful people in this city that have found a passion in documenting their culinary adventures in the city through their Instagram handles. I was running into the same people time and time again at our restaurant PR events and thought it would be beneficial for everyone- both the influencers and the restaurants- to create a group to streamline the invitation process along with the tracking of social media coverage. The idea of TastemakersCHS was to create a community of people who share the same passion while expanding our reach and influence. We began with seven members in 2016 and have quickly grown to over 25 members, with a combined reach of over half a million followers on Instagram. I’m excited to be using our group’s social media reach to raise money and awareness for local non-profits through our new TastemakersCHS charity partnership program which launched a few months ago!


Why do you think it’s important for influencers to collaborate and support one another?


In a community as tight knit as Charleston, it only makes sense for influencers to support and engage each other. Since joining TastemakersCHS, many members have found ways to partner together on specific projects, brand initiatives and other creative collaborations outside of our bi-weekly events. While the majority of members manage their Instagram on the side for a fun hobby, some with a larger reach are finding ways to turn their passion into their career- especially as the power of social media in the restaurant world continues to grow. It has been amazing to see so many members develop strong bonds with one another and become friends through TasteMakers.


In addition to Tastemakers, you also founded Crumbs4Charleston, a nonprofit supporting local culinary initiatives. Tell us a little more about Crumbs and its mission.


My love for cooking growing up quickly changed to a love for baking upon my moving to Charleston, since baked goods were something I could easily bring to friends and coworkers to brighten their day. Experimenting with new recipes became my way to de-stress and unwind after work, and I found myself bringing sweets into work a few times a week. Seeing how stocked with sugar our work kitchen was getting, I knew I wanted to do something more with my passion for baking other than bring in sweets to my awesome coworkers.I began Crumbs4Charleston with the desire to align my love for baking with my love for God by offering friends the chance to purchase sweets & give back to awesome charities in Charleston making a true impact. I offer three different baked goods every two months (everything from brownies and cookies to brittles and fudge) for purchase on my website www.crumbs4charleston.com and donate 100% of the proceeds, minus the cost of ingredients, to a different Charleston charity. I try and offer unique baked goods (like Thin Mint Donut, Cookie Dough Stuffed Cupcakes and Candy Cane Fudge) that people can’t normally find in stores. I do all my baking on Saturdays and hand deliver to customer’s doors on Sundays. I aim to not only donate to different Charleston charities, but help raise awareness of all that they do through Crumbs4Charleston promotion on social media.


What kind of charities have you worked with and why did you choose to focus on culinary-focused organizations?


I have worked with over 12 non-profits in the city thus far and while many aim to combat hunger in some way (such as Fields to Families, Fresh Future Farm and East Cooper Meals on Wheels), others focus on other causes ranging from addiction recovery to human trafficking prevention to sea turtle rescue. There are endless non-profits in the city doing incredible work to help bring light to darkness and I feel extremely grateful top play a very small part in their individual missions. I recognize how lucky I am to live a life free of hunger, poverty and need and feel a deep call to assist in helping my neighbors who are struggling.


If someone wants to support Crumbs, how can they donate?


People can view this month’s bake goods and place orders on Crumbs4Charleston.com. I am currently offering Bacon Almond Brittle, Candy Cane Fudge and Peppermint Bark for December, with all proceeds going to Fresh Future Farm to help provide healthy and affordable produce to low-income families in North Charleston!


What’s next for you, Tastemakers and Crumbs?

(You’re one busy woman!)


I’m super pumped for all that is on the horizon for TastemakersCHS and Crumbs4Charleton in 2019! As far as TastemakersCHS, I’m excited to continue to grow and develop our charity partnership program. As a part of partnering with TastemakersCHS, we connect the restaurants to our charity partners and develop specific dish or drink donation for the month, encouraging Charleston diners to eat out for a good cause. Our end goal with our TastemakersCHS charity partnership program is to give as many Charleston non-profits as possible the added exposure and awarness they deserve, while raising funds at the same time. As far as Crumbs4Charleston, I hope to continue to grow my charity network and customer base. I have plans to partner with a few local coffee shops in the new year to sell my treats and in turn increase the money I am able to raise for each non-profit partner.

    Images courtesy of: Callie Cranford, Mac Kilduff and Zheng Chia
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Plan Your Trip: Where to Stay

From historic mansions turned luxurious hotels to spacious suites with breathtaking views of the Lowcountry marshes, Charleston sure knows how to show off. After a long day of fun + flavor at the Charleston Wine + Food festival, the last place you want to be is a cramped hotel room with a rock-hard bed. These Holy City hotels will have you enjoying your time spent in as much as your time spect out and about.  


Charming Inns

With an enchanting blend of opulence + intimacy, history + hospitality, culture + cuisine, and art + architecture, Charming Inns represents true southern hospitality. Their multiple properties, including Fulton Lane Inn, Kings Courtyard Inn, and the Wentworth Mansion, offer accommodations perfect for anyone looking to experience the Holy City while enjoying the fun + flavor of Charleston Wine + Food.    


Hilton Garden Inn Charleston Waterfront/Downtown

Set on the banks of the Ashley River, Hilton Garden Inn Charleston Waterfront/Downtown offers unrivaled views of the beautiful Lowcountry coastline with the heart of historic downtown easily accessible. Charleston Wine + Food guests will find themselves only minutes from their favorite events, including the Culinary Village, while taking in the sights + sounds of the iconic waterfront.      


Belmond Charleston Place

Indulge yourself in the best of Charleston Wine + Food before returning to a warm welcome in the heart of the historic district. Belmond Charleston Place is the pinnacle of southern charm + luxury, with a location only steps from some of your favorite events.



The Mills House Wyndham Grand Hotel

Experience the best in southern charm at a hotel located in the heart of downtown Charleston. The Mills House places you at the center of the Holy City’s bustling arts + cultural community while offering easy access to many Charleston Wine + Food events.    


Francis Marion Hotel

The iconic Francis Marion Hotel sits in the heart of downtown Charleston while being only steps from the centerpiece of the Charleston Wine + Food festival, the Culinary Village. Guests can take in the fun + flavor of the historic Holy City with unsurpassed views of the Lowcountry.      


Residence Inn Downtown Riverview

You’ll feel at home in the spacious rooms found at the Residence Inn Downtown Riverview located on the banks of Charleston’s coastline. With easy access to downtown Charleston and many Charleston Wine + Food events, you’ll enjoy your time in the Lowcountry without feeling like you ever left the comfort of your own bed.      


Courtyard Charleston Waterfront

Experience comfort and southern hospitality at Courtyard Charleston Waterfront hotel, located minutes from the historic district of Charleston. Take in the stunning views of the Ashley River while being only minutes from the heart of Charleston Wine + Food. This unique hotel is perfect for any guest looking to make the most of their time in the Holy City.      


Wyndham Vacation Rentals

From the shores of Isle of Palms to the southern charm of Downtown Charleston, Wyndham Vacation Rentals offer unique accommodations for Charleston Wine + Food guests looking to experience all the Holy City has to offer. With properties ranging from villas to homes, Wyndham has a property perfectly-tailored to enhance your time in the Lowcountry.    


Zero George Street

Zero George Street is the definition of southern hospitality. Standing at the corner cozy charm + rich elegance, this boutique hotel offers a lush + intimate experience to Charleston Wine + Food guests looking for a luxurious experience.      


The Dewberry

Nestled only feet from historic Marion Square, The Dewberry offers sleek + modern accommodations with a nod to the history + culture of Charleston. Located steps from the Culinary Village, guests will enjoy easy access to the festival complemented by unrivaled views of the Holy City.      


Homewood Suites by Hilton Charleston Historic District

Located only minutes from the heart of downtown Charleston, Homewood Suites by Hilton Charleston Historic District offers a spacious retreat where you can unwind after a long day at the Charleston Wine + Food festival. Acting as the perfect home base for your trip, you won’t miss a minute of the fun during your stay in Charleston.      


Holiday Inn Charleston Historic District

Holiday Inn Charleston Historic District blends contemporary luxury + traditional southern hospitality to create an unforgettable experience. Situated on the iconic King Street, Charleston Wine + Food guests will find themselves in the middle of the fun + flavor of the festival with a quiet retreat only steps away from their favorite events.    


Embassy Suites Charleston Historic

Experience the vibrant culture of Charleston with a stay at the historic Embassy Suites Charleston Historic. Set against the iconic Marion Square, Charleston Wine + Food guests will delight in being feet from the Culinary Village + some of the festival’s top events while still being able to stroll the cobblestone streets of downtown.      


Courtyard Charleston Historic District

The Courtyard Charleston Historic District serves up a sought-after southern experience only steps from the heart of Charleston Wine + Food, the Culinary Village. Steeped in southern charm, the Courtyard offers easy access to downtown Charleston, with many popular restaurants + locales found only minutes from the front steps of the hotel.      


Cambria Hotel Mount Pleasant

One of Charleston’s newest hotels, the Cambria Hotel Mount Pleasant offers modern + luxurious lodgings for guests looking to experience the Lowcountry. Blending contemporary style + classic Southern charm, the Cambria Hotel provides stylish accommodations with easy access to downtown Charleston + many Charleston Wine + Food events.      


Springhill Suites Riverview

Relax + unwind after a fun-filled day at the Charleston Wine + Food festival in the stylish + spacious suites at Springhill Suites Riverview. With easy access to the bustling historic district, guests will experience the meaning of southern hospitality + old-world charm while taking in the lively culture of one of the most celebrated southern cities.  
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The Perfect Pairing

When James Beard Award-winner Morgan Calcote first walks into the room, you’re met with an infectious smile and vibrant energy that immediately endears the young general manager from Charleston darling, FIG. However, once she begins to talk, there is an obvious wisdom that comes from someone who is both deeply passionate and invested in their craft.   Morgan’s journey in food and beverage began at an early age. She grew up visiting her grandparents’ farm where they produced food for both her family and those in the community. Inspired by what she had experienced on the farm, food continued to be a thread throughout Morgan’s life.   During her college years and post-grad explorations, Morgan gained her first exposure to wine in the countrysides of Europe and New Zealand. Even more than wine, though, she learned about the importance of connecting with people. The spirit of hospitality followed her back to Charleston where she set her sights on the quickly-growing culinary community.     When Charleston-based Japanese restaurant O-ku opened in 2010, Morgan was on the front lines, managing the dining room while having her first interaction with a master sommelier. After making the switch from O-ku to FIG, her curiosity about the inner workings of wine only deepened as she moved up the restaurant’s ranks.   Fast forward to 2018 and Morgan is now the manager of FIG and has served as the head of the restaurant’s wine program for two and a half years.   Managing the wine program for one of Charleston’s most-celebrated restaurants is no easy feat. While many restaurants are able to stock a lengthy roster of wines in large cellars, FIG curates a much shorter list. Each bottle is hand picked based on where it’s produced and how well it compliments one of the delicious dishes on the FIG menu. Morgan carves out time each year to travel and learn about the continuously evolving world of wine to ensure FIG’s wine list never dulls. However, for Morgan, the guests in her dining room serve as one of the biggest inspirations for curating a wine program that is both impressive and approachable.   The team at FIG’s dedication to providing a memorable experience for every guest has established the southern eatery as one of the Lowcountry’s most-beloved spots for both locals and visitors. It came as a surprise to no one who has dined at the restaurant, then, when FIG won the 2018 James Beard Award for Best Wine Program. The award was a direct reflection of Morgan’s commitment to providing the best wines possible for her guests while building a connection between the restaurant and the surrounding community.   Despite the international attention that accompanies such a prestigious award, Morgan’s focus remains on making FIG approachable for any and everyone. Because, for her, the most important aspect of the culinary community is the ability for anyone to take a seat at the table.   Blend that with one of the impeccable wines from FIG and you’ve got yourself a perfect pairing.
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Ticket Giveaway : Win Tickets to the 2019 Culinary Village!

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Measuring Up Success

Every five weeks in a small + intimate conference room inside One80 Place you will find family + friends gathered to celebrate the graduates of One80 Training. Indulging in a little healthy competition, the graduation ceremony, Measure Up, includes a lighthearted mini-version of Chopped.   Graduates showcase their culinary skills by preparing an innovative + mouthwatering dish to be sampled + judged by three local cuisine connoisseurs. Their creations are evaluated on presentation, taste, and imagination. After a winner has been declared, it is time for the final send off. Instead of caps + gowns, these graduates are walking away with official chef uniforms, cookbooks, knife sets, and ServSafe certifications as they venture into the exciting world of Charleston food + beverage.   Program Director, Angie Dupree, is side by side with the graduates every step of the way. Angie emphasized the unique perspectives + skills around the Community Kitchen when saying to graduates, “every cycle is so different - we learn so much from each of you.” After creating everlasting friendships, she takes pride in watching the graduates blossom into successful culinary dilettantes.   Enter Stefan DeArmon, a shining success story of One80 Place Training. As one of the freshest additions to the pit at Smoke BBQ, Stefan is a valuable member of Charleston’s food community. Formerly a homeless Veteran, Stefan was paired with Chef Roland Feldman of Smoke BBQ during the 2017 Charleston Wine + Food festival as a part of his externship experience. Chef Roland was awestruck by Stefan’s talent + finesse, leading him to offer Stefan a full-time position in Smoke’s kitchen on the spot.   This past year Stefan stumbled upon a delicious breakthrough leading to a hot new endeavor, Reverend Cornbread Co. While we predict Stefan will measure up to his potential, we also know he will not forget his roots by continuing to give back to the place that helped him reset + restart his life. He offers his time to One80 Place by serving lunches + teaching program trainees to cure pork belly. “When you receive a blessing, you give a blessing,” Stefan humbly states.   Meaningful experiences that enhance lives + add flavor to the Charleston community will be dished out by the CHSWFF partnership with One80 Place Training for years to come. Keep your eyes peeled for emerging wine + food talent featured at this year’s festival:  Jerry McMillian, George Murray, and more working in the festival Prep Kitchen with an array of local chefs.   ______   Follow along this five-part series featuring stories about the partnership between Charleston Wine + Food + One80 Place. It’ll definitely have you thinking: #WhereElseButCharleston?
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We totally get it. The 2018 festival has a lot going on. Let us guide you through the ticketing process, answer any questions, and help point you in the right direction.

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