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Top 5 Events You Don't Want to Miss

We’ve popped the corked on the 2019 festival and tickets are hot + ready!   Sure, there’s some CHSWFF staples on the schedule, like Winederlust + Namaste Bubbly. But, there are some newbies on the docket that promise to be instant classics.   We’ve got the top five events you won’t want to overlook for this year!   1. Hipster Cocktail Party We’re throwing an epic celebration of all things new + unconventional in the sweet digs at Lo-Fi Brewing. Yes, there will be a DJ spinning some old-school vinyl. And yes, we will be serving artisanal craft cocktails, avocado toast, craft beer, and plenty of Instagram-worthy dishes to flood your friends’ feeds. Don a beanie, skinny tie, thick-framed glasses, or even a mustache and hop on your unconventional mode of transportation to join us for the most ironically themed event of the festival. This event is hipster for all of us that are not that hip after all.   2. Wine War   War, what is it good for? There is a heated debate happening in the wine world over natural versus conventional wine. You’ve probably seen natural wines on a menu or maybe even downed a glass or two at some point this year. But what exactly is natural wine and what is all the fuss about anyway? For this beverage workshop, we’re breaking down walls and tasting + talking about the good, the bad and the ugly. Join us at the hippest wine bar in town, Graft, for a  tasting that will have your tastebuds heated from debate.   3. Smokin’ in the Boys’ Room Thankfully for us down south, BBQ is having more than a moment. And while the BBQ scene may be known as a boy’s club, women all over the country have been working hard to carve out a place among this smoke-filled industry. For this event, set against the Lowcountry views at The Bend, we are featuring a ton of ridiculously talented women who are cranking out some top-notch ‘que. With smoky meats, delicious treats and thoughtful beverage pairings, this one is sure to cut through the haze. All hail the queens of ‘que who are spreading the gospel of smoked meat!   4. Holi City Shakedown With all its exotic ingredients, unfamiliar dishes, and tongue-tingling flavors, Indian cuisine is the inspiration behind this late-night bash. And we’re bringing an extra dash of Holi to the Holy City. Rooted in love expressed through color, this Indian festival unites people together. We’ll pair the vibrant menu + colorful atmosphere with incredible craft cocktails, plenty of cold brew and sultry wine. Our Saturday dance party rivals any of the hottest clubs with an epic DJ and color bombing on site. Snag your tickets, whip out your white outfit, and get ready to dance the night away at the Navy Yard Power House.   5. Boss Lady In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re creating a tea room experience of our own – and not because all Southern ladies are teetotalers. At a time when women were excluded from many public dining rooms, the tearoom represented an avenue to economic opportunity and collective advancement. The history of the tea room and all it represents serves as the perfect backdrop for a conversation where food is both the catalyst and the vessel for inciting change. Join The Post and Courier’s James Beard award-winning food editor, Hanna Raskin, to look back at a time when suffragists made the case for voting rights over cake. At this light lunch featuring an abundance of pastries, tea sandwiches, and Southern favorites, we’re serving up social change with a cup of tea. Taking place in a former-tea room on the iconic King Street, now Anthropologie, you'll leave feeling inspired from this once-in-a-lifetime experience.   
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Tips + Tricks for Ticket Launch

It’s that time of year again! Tickets for the 2019 Charleston Wine + Food festival drop on August 29th at 8am with a fresh lineup of events guaranteed to please foodies + winos alike.   Whether you’re a seasoned CHSWFF connoisseur or this is your first time tackling ticket launch, combing through over 110 events and finding the perfect schedule can be a tad overwhelming.     We’ve heard your feedback and we’re here to help!   So, grab your pen (and a bottle of wine) and take notes, as we share the tips + tricks to conquering Charleston Wine + Food Ticket Launch like a pro.  

Choose Your Adventure

    One of the first things to think about is what you want to get out of your time at CHSWFF. Do you want to dine on world-class cuisine from a James Beard Award winner? Are you more of vinovore looking to learn from top winemakers? Or do you prefer to grab your glitter and sashay + slay your way through a dragtastic brunch? Knowing what kind of experiences you are looking for will help you to narrow down what types of events to search for. Use our “Event Type” filter to see what Signature Events or Excursions we’re offering up and cut your search time in half.  

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

    We get it. There’s only so many hours in the day and you want to go to as many events as possible. Be careful not to wear yourself out after one day, though. CHSWFF takes place over five days, which means there is plenty of time to sink your teeth into delicious bites + sip on crafty cocktails. We suggest spreading out your schedule and giving yourself time in between each event. Take a nap, freshen up, or check out our wellness program and sweat it out with a high-energy workout. Whatever it is you do, we promise your mind + body will appreciate the break.  

Don’t Wait Too Long

    You know that sweet pasta-making class you have at the top of your list? Well, someone else probably has it at the top of their list, too. We have a variety of intimate + exclusive experiences with a small number of tickets available. Since CHSWFF tickets are first-come, first-serve, waiting to purchase your tickets could mean you’ll lose out on your spot.   

Be Prepared

    Did you know we post a full schedule preview on our website the day before tickets go on sale? On August 28th at 8am, you can go to our website and see Every. Single. Event. a full 24 hours before they go on sale. Pretty sweet, right? Take some time on the 28th to look through the events and mock up a list of what tickets you might want to purchase. Being prepared ahead of time will save you time + stress on August 29. Bonus Tip: Use the “Favorite” button to compile all of your favorite events into one easily-accessible list.     Have Your SquadUp Account Ready     If you have purchased tickets to CHSWFF before, you will have already made a SquadUp account. Refresh your memory and make sure you have your username and password ready to go. Forgot your login info? No worries, you can reset your account here. If this is your first time attending CHSWFF, you’ll be prompted to create an account at checkout.   

Not All is Lost

    Did that brunch you were REALLY looking forward to sell out before you could get your tickets? Don’t worry, there’s still hope! Charleston Wine + Food is excited to announce a partnership with Lyte. Lyte powers The Official Charleston Wine + Food Ticket Exchange where you may request or return tickets to sold out events.To get your place in line, simply add yourself to the waitlist for any event that is sold out and if a ticket becomes available, transactions will be processed immediately in the order in which they were requested. #lifechanged  

We’re Here to Help!

    If you’re still feeling a little stressed about buying your tickets, don’t worry, we have your back! Give us a call at (843) 727-9998 or drop by our office on August 29 from 8:00 am - 6:00 pm and one of our team members will be happy to help you navigate through planning your best CHSWFF experience. Even better? We’ll have Dough Boyz, Roadside Seafood and Life Raft Treats on-site for lunch because what problems can’t be solved by a few carbs + ice cream?   See you on August 29! May the odds be ever in your favor.  
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The Perfect Pairing

When James Beard Award-winner Morgan Calcote first walks into the room, you’re met with an infectious smile and vibrant energy that immediately endears the young general manager from Charleston darling, FIG. However, once she begins to talk, there is an obvious wisdom that comes from someone who is both deeply passionate and invested in their craft.   Morgan’s journey in food and beverage began at an early age. She grew up visiting her grandparents’ farm where they produced food for both her family and those in the community. Inspired by what she had experienced on the farm, food continued to be a thread throughout Morgan’s life.   During her college years and post-grad explorations, Morgan gained her first exposure to wine in the countrysides of Europe and New Zealand. Even more than wine, though, she learned about the importance of connecting with people. The spirit of hospitality followed her back to Charleston where she set her sights on the quickly-growing culinary community.     When Charleston-based Japanese restaurant O-ku opened in 2010, Morgan was on the front lines, managing the dining room while having her first interaction with a master sommelier. After making the switch from O-ku to FIG, her curiosity about the inner workings of wine only deepened as she moved up the restaurant’s ranks.   Fast forward to 2018 and Morgan is now the manager of FIG and has served as the head of the restaurant’s wine program for two and a half years.   Managing the wine program for one of Charleston’s most-celebrated restaurants is no easy feat. While many restaurants are able to stock a lengthy roster of wines in large cellars, FIG curates a much shorter list. Each bottle is hand picked based on where it’s produced and how well it compliments one of the delicious dishes on the FIG menu. Morgan carves out time each year to travel and learn about the continuously evolving world of wine to ensure FIG’s wine list never dulls. However, for Morgan, the guests in her dining room serve as one of the biggest inspirations for curating a wine program that is both impressive and approachable.   The team at FIG’s dedication to providing a memorable experience for every guest has established the southern eatery as one of the Lowcountry’s most-beloved spots for both locals and visitors. It came as a surprise to no one who has dined at the restaurant, then, when FIG won the 2018 James Beard Award for Best Wine Program. The award was a direct reflection of Morgan’s commitment to providing the best wines possible for her guests while building a connection between the restaurant and the surrounding community.   Despite the international attention that accompanies such a prestigious award, Morgan’s focus remains on making FIG approachable for any and everyone. Because, for her, the most important aspect of the culinary community is the ability for anyone to take a seat at the table.   Blend that with one of the impeccable wines from FIG and you’ve got yourself a perfect pairing.
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