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This Scallion Pancake recipe was provided by Kelly and Tony Chu

Crispy, flaky, savory, addictively delicious, and with the slightest bit of chewy crunch – the scallion pancake is an oldie but goodie! Guests gathered in the kitchen at the Culinary Institute of Charleston at Trident Technical College with Kelly and Tony Chu of Red Orchids China Bistro to learn the ins + outs of making these Chinese staples at home.


500g 00 flour

300g water (69 degree C)

1 oz Celtic Salt (parmesan cheese is substitute for salt to taste)

2 oz scallion (brunoise(fine))

4 oz (blonde roux 1:1 ratio of 00 flour and clarified butter)

EVO for cooking


French rolling pin

12″ wooden spatula

Metal bowl

Soup spoon

Rectangular dough sheet

Cake spreader


Place equal portion of 4 oz 00 flour with 4 oz butter into a small saucepan and turn the heat to low to make a blonde roux. Let the roux simmer in low-medium heat until butter is fully incorporated, about 2 minutes. 

Heat water to 69-degree C. Measure 500g of 00 flour and put into a metal bowl.   

Pour first 150g of 69 degree C water onto the flour.  Rapidly mix with a 12″ wooden spatula until water is absorbed. Pour second 150g of 69 degree C water onto the flour. Rapidly mix with a 12″ wooden spatula until water is absorbed. Allow the flour to cool to warm, use the two hands to start clumping all the flour into a dough ball. When the dough ball is complete, wrap to cover. Allow dough ball rest 20 minutes or until room temperature.

Sprinkle the surface with some flour to prevent sticking. When the dough is cool to room temperature or 20 minutes, place the dough ball onto the large clean surface. Start rolling the dough into 4 inches wide and 16-inch length portion dough with the thickness of the dough closest to the stack thickness 1/2 cm.

Use the soup spoon to scoop out the roux and put onto the rectangular dough sheet. Spread the roux over the rectangular dough sheet with a cake spreader and leave 1 cm on all four sides free from the roux. Evenly sprinkle 1 oz Kosher salt on to the rectangular dough sheet. Evenly sprinkle 2 oz scallion (brunoise (finely chopped)) onto rectangular dough sheet.

Starting from the bottom to the top of the rectangular dough sheet, use your hands and roll the dough sheet into a cigar shape and pinch both ends of tips of cigar shape dough.  when this is done, the shape will look like a cigar. Take one end of the 16-inch length cigar shapes and start rolling into a swirl pan that resembles the round shaped English breakfast muffin. Make sure to tuck the other end of the tubbed end under the swirl.  this prevents roux from leaking out when rolling into a final shape of the scallion pancake.  

Take the rolling pin and press onto the swirl pancake and roll until 1/2 cm thick. Stack separate pancakes with wrap. Heat a pan to medium with a tablespoon of olive oil. Set the scallion pancake into the pan. Sear it for 2 minutes or until golden brown and flip the side with the wooden spatula, 2 minutes or until golden brown. Remove the scallion pancakes and cut and serve.

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