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It’s all the goodness of Thanksgiving without the guilt! Nick Wilber of Basic Kitchen is sharing his secret to creating the perfect vegan green bean casserole!




1000g Mix of Mushrooms Varieties (Shitakis for a nuttier flavor or Button Mushroom from local Farmers Market)
300g Cooked Carolina Rice
80g Sherry Wine
600g Water
10g Garlic, Chopped
10g Thyme, Chopped
800g Green Beans, Blanched
80g Frenches Onions, Crispy Fried Shallots from a Can – just like Grandma used to buy!


Sauté the Mushrooms till golden brown and finish with the garlic & thyme. Remove half of the mix and deglaze with sherry wine & reduce. Add water and rice, let simmer for 10 minutes til the rice really blossoms and is over cooked. Blend altogether until smooth. Add in reserved sautéed mushrooms.
In a casserole dish, layer the green beans & mushroom mix. Bake for 15 minutes at 350 degrees.
Top with french onions and serve.


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