Wyatt Dickson

Years of Participation

Wyatt Dickson is the owner and pitmaster of PICNIC -- a modern roadside barbecue joint in Durham, North Carolina. Reverence for Dickson’s pastured barbecue includes many – John Shelton Reed awarded it “True ‘Cue” status, Garden & Gun heralded it as “Pen-to-Plate,” Southern Living praised it as “Next Generation ‘Cue,” and Bon Appetit recognized Dickson’s devotion to sustainably raised heritage breed hogs. Dickson’s barbecue earned PICNIC a spot in Time Magazine’s “8 Best BBQ Spots in the Carolina’s,” and in 2017 he co-hosted the NC Barbecue Revival – an event organized to revive and uphold the whole hog barbecue tradition. The son of a Fayetteville, NC judge and North Carolina Senator, Dickson’s youth was spent at pig pickin’s, surrounded by talk of politics – both the back & forth banter about candidates and the age-old debate over eastern vs. western North Carolina barbecue. Dickson’s early devotion to authentic wood-smoked barbecue can be traced from one stump speech to another – and today, to PICNIC.