WiBi Ashley

Years of Participation


WiBi Ashley is everything holistic! Known professionally as Chef WiBi, she has over 25 years of experience with using plantbased foods as medicine to heal herself and to support others on their journey while healing with plants. WiBi received here raw food chef certification and detox certification in Panama City, Panama  under the guidance of Master Raw Food Chef Dr. Aris LaTham the visionary of the Sunfired Cuisine. The Charleston SC based vegan’s first high profile job was  participating in the celebrity chef takeover in  2019 on the the Tom Joyner Foundation “Fantastic Voyage Cruise. Chef WiBi feed over 3000 guests on the 7 day cruise with her healing plantbased cuisine.  She is currently the personal chef to actor Woody Harrelson. She holds this current position with great humbleness and is honored to support Mr. Harrelson on his raw vegan /natural food journey!

 In addition to working as a personal chef, WiBi also spends her time as a community outreach leader, holistic wellness activist and as a gardener/farmer.  The basis of WiBi’s  work is rooted in urban and rural communities, where she educates and empowers all people but especially people of color to reclaim their health and heritage by returning back to the land to grow, cultivate, and consume indigenous and wild plantbased foods and herbal remedies to heal the body, mind, and spirit!