Weston Hoard

Years of Participation

Weston Hoard spent four years living in Piedmont and working for the renowned Barolo winery Paolo Scavino. The opportunity to work alongside the Scavinos in the vineyards and the cellar contributed profoundly to his understanding of wine production in the heart of Piedmont. Evolving in his role with Scavino, Weston became the liaison between the winery and their importers in the United States, Asia, and Scandinavia.
Upon his return to the United States in 2011, Weston channeled his experience in Italy into a new solo project called The Piedmont Guy. The sole charge of this niche importing company is bringing the great wines of Piedmont to the United States. In so doing, The Piedmont Guy opens the American market to the great producers of Piedmont, both acclaimed and undiscovered. Weston's hope is that more education and appreciation of this winemaking region will lead to the preservation of its great traditions as well as purist expressions of its fine wine.