Tim McKirdy

Years of Participation


Tim McKirdy is the Managing Editor at VinePair and host of the Cocktail College podcast. A long-serving VinePair team member, Tim has reported on the beverage-alcohol industry for many years, and written in-depth feature articles on the business and culture of wine. Tim also leads VinePair’s spirits tastings and reviews, and regularly participates in wine tasting sessions for the publication’s flagship annual wine buying guides. Prior to working in drinks media, Tim was a professional chef, graduating from London’s prestigious Westminster Kingsway culinary college, and working in award-winning kitchens in London and Buenos Aires. He received the WSET Level 3 certification in wine with distinction in 2017 and has served as a VinePair staff writer and editor for six years. His knowledge of the hospitality industry is complemented by a deep appreciation of international cultures, having been born and raised in Europe and lived in North America, South America, and Southeast Asia. He currently resides in New York.