Steve Schofield


Years of Participation


Steve Schofield and his wife Emily Lavender founded and opened Pangaea Brewing Company, a locally focused craft brewery and artisanal pizzeria in Greenville, South Carolina.
Steve grew up working in kitchens and then moved to South Carolina to pursue a degree in chemical engineering. After 3 years in chemical production, and years of homebrewing, he wanted to create a spot that can bring people around a table through beer and food. Steve attended UC Davis master brewers program and then finally opened Pangaea Brewing in 2021.
Pangaea Brewing focuses on showcasing quality local ingredients and talent in an approachable setting. Using 100% craft malt in all of their recipes, Steve takes inspiration from around the world while working with local purveyors to helps create styles and recipes for everyone. He believes that people should drink what they love and wants to bring the world back together one beer at a time.