Stacy Spruill

Years of Participation

Chef Stacy Spruill was born in Charleston, South Carolina. Having worked in Lowcountry kitchens since the age of sixteen, Chef Spruill has seen the culinary scene change dramatically over the last twenty years. Charleston, once a small friendly town, has evolved into a bustling, ever- expanding city. The Holy City newfound role as host to visitors from all over the country and world inspired Chef Spruill to incorporate new techniques and cuisines into his native fare.
In 2014 , he earned his associate's degree in Culinary Arts from the International Culinary Institute at the Art Institute of Charleston, graduating with Honors. In 2016, he also completed his bachelor's degree in Culinary Management also with Honors. Currently the Executive Chef at the Rarebit, located in Downtown Charleston, Stacy has incorporated his knowledge and experience of local cuisine to delight residents and visitors alike.