Solid Country Gold

Years of Participation

Matt Williams. Rob Williams. Brent Poulson. Dan Logan. Charlie Thompson. Mark Davis

Waylon Jennings once sang, “I got my first guitar when I was fourteen, now I’m over 30, and still wearing jeans...”

It’s a line from “Amanda,” a beautiful song and a gold record Jennings made in the early ‘70s. It’s one of those lines you look forward to singing; when it comes around in the song, it just rolls off the tongue, and sort of hangs there a few bars until the chorus kicks in. We like that.

Those little moments are magic, that thing you can’t quite put your finger on that makes a great song. Solid Country Gold searches for those songs and those moments.

We write some of our own, too, when there’s something we want to say about our lives. Sometimes we play these songs soft and slow, sometimes we play them fast and loud. We always tune up our instruments before we go onstage, and we like to make people dance. We’ve seen people cry at our shows and we’ve seen people kissing. We’ve seen a fight, too...but that was years ago and up in Georgetown.

We’ve been known to put on cowboy clothes from time to time. We play some Willie, Merle, George (Strait and Jones). People say we’re the loudest country band in Charleston. People are usually wrong, but they’re not wrong about that.

We’ve played some of the biggest places in Charleston: from the Pour House to the Music Hall, some weddings, the Hell Hole Swamp Fest, baby showers, and even a 1-year-old birthday party. That’s going to be one cool kid.

Usually, we get invited back to play these places. So, if you book us for a show, you can rest easy. It’s going to be okay. Call (512) 626-6736 and tell us your favorite country song.