Simeon Hall Jr.


Years of Participation


Chef Simeon here! I’m eclectic- which means that conjuring out-of-the-box culinary experiences is my passion and fuel for my 18-hour days. I grew up where pristine sands complement the ever-changing hues of an ocean that kissed the sun daily. This paradise is known to some as Nassau, the capital of The Bahamas, but to me it is simply home.

I have evolved from an apprentice to a true Culinary Artisan, Griot, Food Ambassador, Event Curator, Movie Consultant, Author and Private Chef to countless visiting celebrities. As a Food Service Leader my main goals are to motivate and mentor burgeoning chefs and to pay homage to the history of Bahamian and Caribbean cuisine. All rooted in colourful, fragrant and classic flavours & ingredients, many of which the world has yet to discover.