Shane Nasby

Years of Participation

Shane Nasby is a Nashville, Tennessee-based restaurateur and chef. Drawing on his competitive BBQ background, Shane opened his first restaurant, HoneyFire BBQ, in 2018. During his time there, Shane led the restaurant to receive numerous awards, appear in multiple “best of” lists, and garner critical acclaim in publications and broadcasts such as Eater, Forbes, Fox News, Cooking Channel, Food Network, and more.

In 2022 Shane plans to launch his next restaurant, Cledis, named in honor of his late grandfather. The owner of a small roadside cafe, Shane’s grandpa was known for his unwavering kindness and willingness to feed any neighbor, regardless of ability to pay. In that same spirit of legendary generosity, Cledis has a mission to make a significant impact on hunger and hopelessness in the city of Nashville. In his signature style, Cledis’s menu includes Shane’s cast iron smash burgers and sides, innovative desserts, local brews, and more.