Sarah & Nathan Williams-Scalise

Years of Participation


In the summer of 1988, Sarah was born in the seaside province of Jeollabuk-do, South Korea. 6 months later, she traveled halfway around the world with a dozen other Korean babes to a new family and a new home - in Upstate NY. Starting at a young age, her parents enrolled her into two nearby Korean culture camps until she was 11 to help her learn and appreciate the country and culture she was born into. Both camps taught her Taekwondo, how to write her name in Korean, fan dancing, games, and, her favorite, mandu.

In 2019, Sarah & Nate Williams-Scalise launched Sarah’s Dumps – a Charleston-based, Korean dumpling business. Over the years, they’ve sold bags of frozen mandu straight to the doorsteps of people’s homes, hosted dump-making classes, popped-up around the tri-county area, and collaborated with other local food trucks and pop-ups. They believe that if they can help fellow Charleston business owners then everyone has the chance to win.

Their mission? By sharing mandu with the community, Sarah & Nate are giving folks a taste of Korea, in many instances, for the first time. They hope that their story reflects the beauty of adoption, cultural similarities, and the importance of an open mind in food culture.