Sam and Natasha Promanee

Years of Participation


Sam and Natasha are a pair of passionate food enthusiasts who have united their love for authentic flavors and a desire to bring a unique dining experience to the streets of Charleston, SC through Panda Snacks.

Sam ‘The Panda’, a culinary veteran, is a retired chef with over 18 years of industry experience. Sam's talent emerged from his passion for making food at a very young age. His culinary journey began with a childhood filled with the vibrant street foods of Asia. Wanting to share those foods, he started making food at small events and family gatherings. The incredible response he received from people liking the food so much, inspired him to come out of retirement to start the Panda Snacks concept with his wife, Natasha.

Natasha is a true Southern foodie at heart from Charleston, SC. Growing up in this vibrant city, she developed a deep appreciation for the rich food and flavors only found in Charleston, beginning with her grandmother's kitchen. Natasha has always been a late-night diner due to her career, and dreamt of sharing her favorite foods with others and living the food truck lifestyle.

Panda Snacks is the culmination of Sam and Natasha's shared passion for late-night snacking and their diverse backgrounds. Together, they have created a culinary haven where late-night convenience meets a world of flavors. Their menu reflects a delightful fusion of Asian, Southern, and African-American flavors, offering a taste of their heritage and rich cultures to Charleston.