Ryan Welliver

Years of Participation

Ryan Welliver, a native of Raleigh, N.C., brings passion and creativity to his position as bar manager at The Cocktail Club. With a knack for pushing the envelope on traditional cocktails, Welliver is the brains behind the specialty drinks patrons know and love.

Welliver began his experience in the restaurant industry in high school when he moved with his family to Hilton Head, S.C. In 2009, Ryan attended the College of Charleston to study international business. While in school, Ryan worked for several well-known Charleston establishments including Poogan’s Porch and The Charleston Grill. Upon graduation, Ryan joined the team at The Macintosh and shortly thereafter moved upstairs to The Cocktail Club.

Welliver continues to establish himself as a dominant bartender in Charleston. His most recent accolades include winning the Charleston Wine + Food Cocktail Competition, the 2017 Charleston Fashion Week Cocktail Competition, the 2016 Lunazul Taco Tequila Kombat and the 2016 Gosling’s Gold Seal Bartender Rumble. Welliver has managed to earn these titles while also crafting and managing the bar program at The Cocktail Club.

When he’s not behind the bar, Welliver can be found tending to his herb garden and experimenting with bold concoctions to raise your flavor profile to the next level.