Robin James Wynne

Years of Participation

Robin James Wynne has been an industry veteran for over 25 years in the hospitality trade. Having been a chef, general manager and bar manager at various points, he brings wisdom and varied expertise to the business. Robin's adventures abroad have led him to visit many distilleries and wineries where he works with distillers, blenders, and brands to help educate the hospitality industry and consumers alike. Having been in the Caribbean on numerous occasions, his love of rum, rum culture, and rum education are unmatched. When it comes to knowing what’s in your rum, how it’s made, and what you’re drinking, this spirit sleuth will open your eyes to some of the darker sides of the rum world. Robin calls Miss Thing’s Hawaiian restaurant and cocktail bar his rum home in Toronto, Canada. As General Manager and Bar Manager, he regularly hosts rum masterclasses, tastings, and the popular Rum Lovers dinner series. His future goals are to spread the Rum Royale series of festivals and seminar conferences across the globe and bring rum to the people.