Peter Bierce

Charleston Oyster Farm | Charleston, SC

Peter is co-owner and Oyster Wrangler of Charleston Oyster Farm. As stated above, like his brother, Peter's first time to Charleston was through the jetties, visiting port during a high school semester at sea. It was this nautical venture that led Peter to the Holy City. As a good steward of the earth in which we live, Peter studied Geology and Environmental Geoscience at the College of Charleston. Upon graduating, Peter worked for the SCORE program at SC Department of Natural Resources, helping rejuvenate wild oyster populations across South Carolina. After several years he fell in love with Crassostrea virginica and moved up to South Carolina Mariculture Manager at SCDNR, where he managed different mariculture operations along coastal South Carolina. After years of dedication to the great SCDNR, Peter decided to join his brother in the quest for farming and providing sweet salty singles to the world. Fun fact, Peter has the same birthday as Tom.