Pearce Fleming


Years of Participation


Pearce Fleming is an accomplished and award-winning homebrewer. In addition to his homebrewing experience, Pearce has completed the Institute of Brewing & Distilling’s General Certificate in Brewing exam. Outside of brewing, Pearce has served in healthcare administration, been responsible for leading one of the largest healthcare consultancies in the country, as well as developed multiple quality, education, and wellbeing technology platforms serving patients, providers, insurers, and employers. Pearce’s family roots lie in rural South Carolina and the mountains of western North Carolina. He was often entertained in his youth by his Grandaddy’s stories of running shine from his home in the mountains to the state capital of Raleigh to help with expenses while attending North Carolina State University. His grandfather always laughed about the time he was caught and hauled in front of the school’s disciplinary board, saying, "little did the President of the University know that nine of the ten people on the board were my regular customers." True to form, Pearce’s father’s first words when told of the plan for Commonhouse, "Well, you know you’re going to have to pay the Revenuers their due."