Nik R. Cole


Years of Participation


Nik R. Cole leads a life filling her own plate while immersifying others in food for the soul with seasoned dimensions of regal culinary architecture and storytelling which are rooted in the black experience.
Her dignified and raw fluidity as the curator of bold experiences reflects upon the past to engage in a deeper, more enriched future for her Detroit community, close knit tribe, and her fellow Black people.
Nik’s independent and collaborative work elude alchemy, as she connects her love for food, traveling, and history to curate platforms that embody “home” but embrace the avant- garde.
Her, pop up restaurant Fried Chicken and Caviar, Cole thrives on collaboration and has teamed up to partner with longtime friend, Chi Walker at WildFlower Hospitality. Together they create synergy, by marrying ingredients and cultures that birth edible goodness.