Nik R. Cole

Nik R. Cole leads a life filling her own plate while immersifying others in food for the soul with seasoned dimensions of regal culinary architecture and storytelling which are rooted in the black experience.

Her dignified and raw fluidity as the curator of bold experiences reflects upon the past to engage in a deeper, more enriched future for her Detroit community, close knit tribe, and her fellow Black people.

As a seasoned and articulated tastemaker, Nik advocates daily for the respectability and recognition of black women chefs from all walks of life, balancing her artistry and finite skill with boundless energy and execution. Shearing away from isolated food speciality, Nik focuses more intently on bold presentations, purposed craftwork and serving others through food in ways beyond commonality. She’s proudly weaved individuals together through her unique fusion of cultural palettes, and the execution of experiential events that reclaim and remind of Black glory, exposure and consciousness. It is evident that Nik takes innovation to a new level and being a black woman from the city of Detroit, she profoundly recognizes the path has never been just for her, but for all those who have come before and those who will arise.