Neil Cooper

Years of Participation

A newcomer to the food and beverage scene, Lucy’s Head Barman Neil Cooper is quickly
making a name for himself. Hailing from New York, Cooper now finds himself in the heart of the
South shaking up the scene with a healthy dose of Southern hospitality and equally exceptional

Cooper first began his career in the hospitality industry working with corporate brands where he
started as a server and worked his way through the ranks before eventually being exposed to
the hustle and bustle of the beverage world – and his love for craft cocktails was born. He
quickly fell in love with the artistry of the libation, experimenting with different flavor profiles,
textures, aromas and most of all, creating an experience for guests. It was in his first bartender
role that Cooper spent time perfecting his craft before landing his current position at Auburn’s
latest gem in 2018, and his true journey behind the bar began.

When not behind the bar, Cooper can be found at the gym, socializing with friends or at home
experimenting with new cocktails. He is constantly exploring and soaking up raw inspiration
from the South, but can always be found dishing out endless servings of “good vibes only.”