Motown Throwdown

Motown Throwdown is a powerhouse soul band led by sax man Mike Quinn. Steeped in funk, soul, pop, rock, R&B, and jazz, this outfit of local heavyweights has established itself as a leader in the Charleston music scene, playing regularly at notable venues such as the Pour House and The Commodore. The 5-piece powerhouse consists of Mike Quinn sax and vocals, Kanika Moore on lead vocals, Dave Grimm on Guitar, Stuart White on drums and the inimitable Corey Stephens on bass. As the name implies, the music starts within the Motown soul tradition, but manifests itself in a plethora of unique styles and arrangements from across the musical spectrum. Expect an enormously energetic performance with ripping solos, soulful vocals, and catchy, synchronized melodies on top of a thick, relentless funk driven core. Also, expect to dance and be wildly entertained.