Mike Hartwyk

Years of Participation

A 1997 culinary arts graduate of Johnson & Wales University, Chef de Cuisine Mike Hartwyk brings a diverse and impressive background to Lowcountry Bistro. Born in Jacksonville, FL, and raised outside of Philadelphia, PA, Hartwyk’s first job was a pot washer at a fine dining restaurant in Philadelphia. From there, he quickly moved to food prep where he realized his love for cooking and creating.

Hartwyk’s culinary career rapidly took off following his time at Johnson & Wales. In 1996 he worked for the Marriott at the Atlanta Olympics, then spent 10 years in Washington, DC, where he cooked for three presidents as well as notable senators, representatives, and foreign dignitaries.

Though he has commanded kitchens from fine dining establishments to authentic Irish pubs, Hartwyk has a weak spot for good southern fried chicken and mashed potatoes alongside a chilled root beer.

Hartwyk leads the kitchen of Lowcountry Bistro with a hands-on attitude. When he’s not in the kitchen serving up authentic Southern classics, you can find him relaxing on Charleston’s beaches with a book or out on the golf course.