Miguel Buencamino

Years of Participation


Miguel Buencamino is the founder and owner of Holy City Handcraft (@holycityhandcraft).

Miguel was born in Manila, Philippines. Starting at six years of age, he grew up learning how to cook from his two Filipino grandmothers, who were both incredible home cooks themselves. Using his knowledge in combining flavors with technique, he decided to start Holy City Handcraft in 2015 as a creative outlet to share his passion for homemade meals and cocktails with his friends and family; being sure to produce recipes that tasted as good as they looked. Holy City Handcraft has since evolved into a content production agency that encompasses anything from recipe development to photography and video production for various brands worldwide with a primary focus on spirits and cocktails.

Miguel is a firm believer in the ability to master any area of expertise one is passionate about and hopes to share his passion for creativity to inspire through his experiences and creations with the fine folks at Charleston Wine + Food through Holy City Handcraft.