Migs Franco


Years of Participation


Born and raised in South America, Migs Franco is a self-made chef propelled by drive and natural talent cultivated from a young age. He spent over two decades involved in many successful New York City restaurant projects. For a decade, he served as Corporate Chef for Fireman Hospitality Group, with eight NYC-area restaurants under its name. He co-founded and served as Corporate Chef for Dos Toros Taqueria, which has been a fast-growing casual restaurant, now with 18 NYC-area locations. Franco also co-founded and led the kitchen for Burlap Sack Potato Eatery. And most recently, he served as Corporate Chef for Crew, an innovative hospitality group making waves for its restaurant experiences that blend maritime ventures.

Franco has also served as an F&B consultant and specialist for other New York City ventures like Calexico, which grew from a streetside cart to locations in NYC, Detroit, and internationally. He’s built restaurant concepts from the ground up, created menus and recipes. His recipes have been featured in Food & Wine magazine’s 2011 annual cookbook, and he’s appeared on Food Network programs Chopped and Master Chef. He’s enjoyed volunteering over the years for soup kitchens and benefit dinners (including Change for Kids’ Super Chefs Benefit) and served as a volunteer snowboarding instructor for kids and adults with cognitive and physical disabilities through the Adaptive Sports Foundation.

Franco has served as the Corporate Executive Chef for Taco Boy since June 2023 and has brought vibrant flavor creations and new concepts to Taco Boy's menu.