Melissa Ann Barton

Years of Participation

Known as “Mod Squad Martha” to her Nashville clients, Melissa Ann Barton’s hallmark is finely tuned flavors that linger like the lyrics of a good song. Christened “Mod Squad Martha” by a musician smitten with her many talents, her effortless style embodies timeless with a twist of hip. Her first gig was for 300 people for a Music City executive. She had “no staff, only a boyfriend and a daddy with a truck” - she had no company, she had no fancy brand. A jack of all trades in the kitchen and beyond, she was soon known as Mod Squad Martha the must-have under the radar chef of Music City’s insider affairs. Melissa Ann’s story couldn’t have been told better in a country music song. Her line of specialty food products debuted Fall 2016 featuring an anthology of her most beloved recipes.