Maryam Ghaznavi


Years of Participation


In Pakistan’s language of Urdu, Ma’am Saab means “lady boss” and Malika means “queen”, both of which quite literally define Chef/Owner Maryam Ghaznavi.

The force behind the kitchen of Charleston’s beloved former Ma’am Saab pop up at Workshop, and now first-ever Pakistani restaurant to grace the state, Malika, Maryam, along with her husband, Co-Owner and Creative Director Raheel Gauba, are bringing a taste of Pakistan culture and cuisine to the Lowcountry.

Born in Pakistan, food was the center of the Ghaznavi household as Maryam’s mother, grandmother and sister all cooked Pakistani food. Maryam as the “chief taste tester” grew such a love for her culture’s staple dishes like Biryanis, Karahis, Saags and Kababs, and through many hours spent in the kitchen, became a chef herself.

Maryam and Raheel’s families both moved from Pakistan to Canada where the two met, and later relocated to the Lowcountry. The couple jumped at the opportunity to do a Pakistani popup at The Daily in 2019, capturing the hearts and stomachs of locals and visitors alike, before opening Ma’am Saab at Workshop the following year in 2020. Fast forward to today, and the power couple now has plans to open a restaurant downtown on Meeting Street very soon, while continuing to operate their fast-casual Pakistani street food concept Malika in Mount Pleasant Towne Centre!
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