Manchester Farms

Years of Participation

Manchester Farms is the oldest quail producer in the United States. A second generation, family-owned farm, Manchester Farms started in Bill Odom’s backyard in Sumter, South Carolina where he was raising quail for hunting. Manchester Farms prides itself on raising happy, healthy birds that are growth promotant and hormone free. The farm breeds, hatches, raises and harvests Heirloom Pharaoh quail for consumers and the culinary industry.
Brittney Miller, Bill’s daughter, bought the farm in 2008 with her brother and then in 2013 bought her brother out to be the sole owner of Manchester Farms. For Miller, keeping her father’s ideals and following in his footsteps are two things that she holds close to her heart. Nearly fifty years ago, her father saw the importance in raising quail without the use of antibiotics or hormones and with the best feed and good ole loving care; and now almost fifty years later, the second generation strives for the same husbandry plan. Remaining true to the family’s original principles has rewarded Manchester Farms with decades of support from their consumers and chefs all over the country. Miller’s passion and soul lies with the farm community. As she describes it, “the folks that are in the food and beverage industry are the most giving, thankful and passionate out there.”