Louise + Nigel Drayton


Years of Participation


Nigel Drayton, Restaurateur/Executive Chef, along with his wife/partner Louise own two Nigel’s Good Food locations and a BBQ joint called The Slaughter House. Prior to opening his own place, he worked his way up the culinary ladder in his hometown of Charleston, SC. He started this industry at 15 years old as bus boy and at the age of 25 held his first Kitchen Manager position. His talents and skills accomplished his winning First place in the Oyster Recipe Contest back in 2005, and he placed 2nd and 3rd the next two years. Now, his restaurants, year after year, have been recognized as best and ranked as #1 restaurant by the Geechie One Awards, Trip Advisor and others. Nigel and Louise Drayton are focused on the growth of “Nigel’s Good Food”, “The Slaughter House BBQ and Brew” and manifesting their other restaurant ideas under their brand, by Nigel’s. Nigel is a very family-oriented man, claiming his very own family as his driving force to push forward. And with Louise’s support, Nigel aims to be a staple in the community, a history making Legend.