Lizzy Daou

Years of Participation

Lizzy had a gift for Chemistry growing up and it wasn’t until she moved away to attend UCSD (where her father and uncle went to school) that she fell in love with wine and decided to follow in her father’s footsteps of pursuing his passion, making world class Cabernet Sauvignon as well.

She ended up moving home to complete my degree in Wine and Viticulture with a concentration in Enology and started working at the Family Winery. Upon graduating, she decided to take a sabbatical to gain more experience in other grape growing regions before returning to DAOU Winery.

Lizzy spent last Fall in Napa, focusing on Bordeaux Varietals and is planning on taking an internship in Bordeaux next Fall.

With the experience of making great Cabernets in Napa and Bordeaux, she will once again return to her home, DAOU Mountain in Paso Robles to carry on the legacy that her Uncle, Georges Daou and her father, Daniel Dou have created.