Leigh Anne Langley

Years of Participation

PR%F is South Carolina’s first real alcohol ice cream. Originating from JB’s basement in Harlan, KY the family recipe is produced out of Columbia, SC and distributed throughout South and North Carolina.  PR%F specializes in delicious flavors like Chocolate Bourbon and Caramel Moonshine and in the summer Peach Whiskey and Coconut Rum. Our alcohol ice cream is 7% ABV with 14 proof. And the best part, we use straight Bourbon, Rum, Moonshine, and Whiskey as actual ingredients.

We’ll be serving all eight flavors at Charleston Food & Wine:

Vanilla Bourbon, Chocolate Bourbon, Strawberry Moonshine, Caramel Moonshine, Mocha Chocolate Moonshine, Coconut Rum, Vanilla Rum, Peach Whiskey