Laura Brennan Bissell

Years of Participation

Smell has been the driving force for many decisions in my life, and winemaking has allowed me to live in an ever stimulating cocoon of olfaction, where it is completely acceptable, maybe even expected, that I want to smell absolutely everything.

The truth about winemaking though, is that it embodies and emboldens all of your senses, and while it’s invigorating to smell and taste a vintage, and even see the color expressed as a rosy prism before you, to be able to hear the wind inside your head, and remember the smell of what the previous year’s precipitation promised, is when it becomes a form of synesthetic life support.

Just like my life, I wish for my wines to be received in poetic form, and not to have their entrails spread apart on a surgical table. There is pain and suffering, there is joy, chaos, recklessness at times, but more than anything, a quiet optimism that every day of our time here is yet another opportunity to experience something beautiful.