Kyle Anderson


Years of Participation


Son of a Chef and Chef Instructor, Kyle grew up in kitchens and restaurants. Starting his voyage in yacht clubs and summer camps on Cape Cod as well as the famous Thompson’s Clam Bar and Whychmere Harbor Club as a boy. As a teen he started to work as a line cook and busboy throughout high school and continued to cook throughout his college years at The Gourmet Gas Station in Gallatin Gateway, MT. After college Kyle decided to move to the Front of the house and spent a few years working seasonally between Vail, CO and Martha’s Vineyard. A girl brought him to Portland Maine and his first chance at running his own restaurant in Portland’s Old Port but after a few years was seeking warmer weather and moved to Charleston, SC working for the last 20 years for Grill 225 and McCrady’s but left in 2016 to open Travis and Ryan Croxton’s Rappahannock Oyster Bar where he currently serves as General Manager. Kyle is a chef, teacher, bar professional, sommelier, and manager who is always hungry, thirsty and excited for more.