Kevin Reid

Years of Participation

Kevin Reid is a creative force within the Wine & Spirits Industry, an award-winning mixologist, Entrepreneur, Thought Leader, and Devoted Family Man.He brings more than twenty years of experience to industry.  As mixologist at the spectator Hotel and Beverage Director at Filé Gumbo Bar, Kevin’s compilation of new yet classic cocktails, wine, and beer are offered to enhance and compliment the flavors and ingredients found in each dish. Drinks are an experience in and of themselves, but they offer an opportunity to heighten the dining atmosphere.

Kevin has trained and mentored at some of the world’s finest luxury hotels, restaurants, and with James Beard recipients, he has established himself as a remarkable mixologist, known for putting a fun and interesting twists on the classic cocktail. He and his work have been featured in a multitude of podcasts, VIP events, and industry magazines. In 2020, he won DC’s Woodford Manhattan Experience cocktail competition. I put things in cups, mainly memories (!) ensuring guests have a space to settle in and enjoy because I believe memories come from great drinks and from experiencing impeccable bar service.

His goal is to build a safe place for people to unwind & indulge, he is Kevin, The Drink Builder.