Juliette Monmousseau

Years of Participation

The daughter of Patrice Monmousseau and the family’s fifth-generation working at Bouvet Ladubay, Juliette Monmousseau has been instrumental in linking the winery with arts events around France and publicizing the quality image of Bouvet Ladubay around the world. In addition to publicity and press relations, Juliette Monmousseau’s role at Bouvet Ladubay transformed to include management of export sales to key markets including, the US, UK, India, the Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, China, Scandinavia, and more. In 2010, assumed the role of deputy managing director of Bouvet Ladubay overseeing sales and marketing of Bouvet Ladubay wines in France and on the export markets. In 2015, Juliette was appointed as the CEO of Bouvet Ladubay overseeing all aspects of the winery.