Johno Morisano

Years of Participation

Johno Morisano is the owner of The Grey, where he has taken the tools established in a career in media, arts and entertainment startups and used them to create a community-minded restaurant in Savannah, GA, working closely with chef/partner Mashama Bailey. In 2010, Johno and his wife Carol embarked on a road trip throughout the American South, fell in love with Savannah and purchased a home the following year. In 2012, he created SLAAM Ventures, a Savannah-based angel investor to help local entrepreneurs accelerate the development of their ideas and products. While exploring his newly adopted home, Johno came across an abandoned, boarded up 1938 Greyhound bus terminal that exemplified the streamlined Art Moderne style of that era. He purchased the building and decided to combine his love of food, wine and investing in the community by transforming it into a restaurant that has quickly become a must-visit for locals and the many travelers that come through Savannah regularly.  In his latest role as restaurateur, Johno has helped establish Savannah as a culinary destination and remains active in the community, giving back to local organizations by hosting lively events in The Yard, the restaurant’s outdoor area, the proceeds of each benefitting a different local organization. Johno is also helping to reshape and expand the mission of the Edna Lewis Foundation, a Board he joined as the Treasurer in 2016, which revives, preserves and celebrates the rich history of African American cookery in America.