Jody Brix Towe

Years of Participation

Jody Brix Towe and wife Emily Towe, co-owners and co-winemakers at J. Brix Wines, got their start as volunteer harvest interns in 2007 in California’s Santa Maria Valley. They found they simply couldn't get enough of the dirty work, and decided to try their hand at making their own garagiste vintage in 2009. One dream led to another: J. Brix Wines is the unexpectedly felicitous result. The winemaking duo now produce at least 10 varieties and/or styles. They adore the vinous variety the Golden State has to offer, finding themselves compelled to make tiny quantities of as many different wines as possible. Jody's college and career background in horticulture translates to time and study in the vineyards; there's nowhere he'd rather be. A keen understanding of plant physiology provides insight into the way each individual growing season affects the vines, the fruit, and the wine. A keen intuition built on many years working with plants helps guide winemaking decisions, which vary from harvest to harvest based on the sum of the season. Jody and Emily live and make wine in Southern California with their two adorable children/cellar rats, Talia and Elijah; and their rescue dog, Iris.