Jeremy Waybright

Years of Participation


Jeremy Waybright serves as the Executive Chef for Butcher & Bee in Charleston, SC.
Waybright, who describes himself as an inquisitive chef through-and-through, has traveled
within the domestic cooking scene for almost 25+ years, before landing in Charleston.
He found inspiration in mentors such as Alain Jacqmin at Le Chambord, Chef Donna Chriszt
of OZ Bar & Bistro and in D.C. restaurateur Bryan Voltaggio at Range and Voltaggio
Brothers Steak House, whose American-influenced styles encouraged him to not be bound by
the rules of cooking, and served as a reminder of how incorporative, playful and diverse
cooking can be – a style he embodies still today. Waybright made his way to the Washington,
DC area, working in several roles before serving as the opening executive chef at Boss
Shepherd’s where he received high accolades. To Waybright, what defines his cuisine is its
blend of outside influences paired with an abundance of domestically available ingredients.
He admits to a special affinity for coastal and southern cooking.