Jason Ganahl

Years of Participation

As a St. Louis native, Jason Ganahl knows a thing or two about great barbecue. Growing up, he ate the Midwestern staple several times a week. In 2009, he joined the Kansas City Barbecue Society as a Competition Judge before beginning to compete in regional competitions in 2011…and winning! Jason’s love of barbecue has won him multiple accolades including the Rocky Mountain BBQ Association’s Team of the year as well as Top Brisket Cook and Top Pork Cook in 2013 and 2014 and countless Top 10 placements for chicken, ribs, pork, and brisket. GQUE is currently the only championship barbecue restaurant in Colorado that has won professional contests throughout the country, including the United States’ third largest barbecue contest. When Jason is not in the restaurant, he enjoys teaching others about barbecue, spending time with his wife and four children and watching sports.