Jason Broz

Years of Participation

Jason Broz is Co-Owner and Executive Chef of the Bac’n Me Crazy food truck. Jason grew up experiencing the regional cuisines of the Northeast, Mid-West and California and loving bacon. He acquired his travel bug early on and joined Youth International where he and his fellow travelers helped to build schools, wells and structures throughout the Middle East. He lived in a mud hut in Africa and on a kibbutz in Israel while learning about a wide variety of cuisines, spices and cooking techniques. He attended Brook Institute for Photography, honing his eye for presentation, creativity and perfection.
Jason decided to embark on a culinary career that gave him the opportunity to blend his adventures around the world with creative hometown cooking. He and his wife moved to Charleston ten years ago after falling in love with the culture and the low-country cuisine. He worked at Three Little Birds before moving up to the position of Executive Chef of Suede Supper Club and Dish & Design Catering.
The dream of starting his own business kept calling, so he and his wife, Jessica, founded the Bac’n Me Crazy food truck in 2014. They are proud to be a Post and Courier’s Charleston Choice top finalist two years in a row for Best Food Truck. These awards are a reflection of their intensely loyal following. Jason is excited to be a part of the Charleston Wine and Food for his third year.