Jacob Mitzel


Years of Participation


Originally from Pennsylvania, Chef Jacob Mitzel has always been involved in the food scene in some way or another. “When I was in high school I realized that I really enjoyed cooking at home”, says Mitzel, “At the time my father was part of a business collective that met every Saturday for breakfast at the local Penn State campus. He introduced me to the chef of the cafeteria, and I began helping him to prepare the meals for the business meetings.”

After graduating from the Pennsylvania School of Culinary Arts in 2012 with his Associate's degree in Culinary Arts & Restaurant Management, Mitzel made his way South to begin his career. Prior to coming to Islander 71, Mitzel worked at the Jasmine Porch & Loggerhead Grill on Kiawah Island. Since coming to Islander 71, Mitzel became Executive Chef and has worked to revamp the coastal eaterie’s menus. When he is not working, Chef Mitzel is spending time at the beach with his wife, Claudia, and their 1-year-old Golden Shephard, Hercules.