Years of Participation

HoneySmoke is band from Charleston, South Carolina. They incorporate sounds of Southern Rock, Gypsy Jazz, Delta Blues, and Island instrumentation into their music. They formed the band in 2013 with the idea of making music that was fun, simple, and laid back. They have been nominated in the Charleston City Paper Music Awards three years in a row, and have played most every club around the Lowcountry. Their 2014 self-titled EP centered on blending acoustic Blues music with Hawaiian music instrumentation in what the Charleston City Paper regards as “quite fitting for Charleston, a place that can certainly appreciate sunshine-meets-swamp music.” Azalea Magazine declares, “With their soulful, relatable lyrics and down-home sound, there’s no denying these guys evoke the spirit of the Lowcountry.”

Their latest and more electrified full-length studio album is called Songs for the Sun and the Rain. The 11 song album showcases the evolution of the bands sound from beachy, acoustic-island blues to more of an electrified folk, americana, and rock sound. The songs range “from rollicking Southern blues jams a la the Allman Brothers to wide-eyed Americana in the tradition of the Band and the indie-tinged folk-rock of groups like Band of Horses and Gomez [that contain] full, fleshed out arrangements with deceptive poise.” – Charleston City Paper.