Haydn Shaak

Years of Participation

Chef Haydn Shaak has spent almost his whole life working in kitchens. His father was also a chef, so cooking became a significant part of his life from an early age. Haydn was raised in Pennsylvania, but made his way to the Carolinas by the time he was a teenager. At 16, he began an apprenticeship under his father at the Greenville restaurant City Range Steakhouse Grill. Over the next five years, he worked his way through the kitchen ranks at different establishments ultimately earning his stripes as Executive Chef. Haydn received his education at the Culinary Institute of the Carolinas.  He has since headed up several prominent restaurants in Greenville and Travelers Rest before taking over Restaurant 17 in 2018. Haydn’s focus on local and seasonal ingredients, along with his dedication to classical techniques has elevated the culinary program to new heights.