Harlem Farr

Years of Participation

Multi-instrumentalist & songwriter Harlem Farr is a 23 year old South Carolina native. She started playing piano by ear at age 6 and has since undergone a fruitful music journey. In grade school she was known to juggle a lot from her involvement with choir, marching band and chamber orchestra. Within those groups she was encouraged to participate in regional orchestras and SC all state choirs. Her solid foundation in the fine arts inspired her to continue studying music at the College of Charleston. Earning two B.A's in 2021 (Music Theory/Composition & Spanish), Harlem is now a full time artist participating in a range of musical projects both in Charleston and across the US. She is currently a background vocalist for Charleston-based funk/soul band The Psycodelics. She also releases her own music under the moniker 'hrlum.'


Although Harlem has graduated from school, she is still involved in academia. She is currently enrolled in an 8-week music course called 'Beyond Bossa' which explores the contents of Brazilian music beneath the surface. She is also a Music theory/Guitar teacher for an after-school program called Music For Life.