Greg Pierce

Years of Participation

Black Water Barrels serves the spirits industry barrels, oak aging inserts and the endless pursuit of innovating for great taste.

As a proud South Carolina locally-owned business that owns its own wood sources throughout the region, we are creating jobs, building value and serving community for the greater good of all stakeholders, customers, employees, owners, investors and neighbors.

Black Water Barrels is transforming the craft of barrel making with precision and efficiency through investments in state-of-the-art equipment, industry-leading staff training and commitment to quality and innovation in our products.

Founder Greg Pierce and his BWB leadership team, bring decades of experience in spirits sales management, distribution, brand strategy, marketing and simply, making it happen.

The idea of building a cooperage came from spirits industry sales and distribution veteran, Greg Pierce, who recognized a growing significant need for additional oak barrels in the spirits industry.

Greg, through his work in the industry, was constantly asked “do you know where we can get barrels?” by distillers all over the Americas.

Bourbon was back and growing bigger and better than ever. The problem was availability of new American Oak Barrels, legally required to produce Bourbon. Thanks to Greg and his team in Bamberg are supplying distilleries, breweries and wineries worldwide with oak barrels and oak aging innovations.

Greg will explore the role of charred new american oak in the color, taste and sensory qualities of bourbon--America's true original spirit.