Greg Gettles

Years of Participation

Greg Gettles, a Durham, N.C. native, brings 13 years of experience along with his innate passion and integrity for food as chef de cuisine at Mercantile and Mash. Gettles fell in love with the food and beverage industry because of the intensity and high pressure situations. Always striving to better the community, Gettles main goal is to serve the people in the community with food they may not have access to. Collaborating side-by-side, Gettles and executive chef Tim Morton share the craft of creating fresh, seasonally inspired food for their customers.

Prior to Mercantile and Mash, Gettles held the position of executive chef at Piedmont Restaurant in Durham, N.C, where he developed seasonal menus with local-farmed ingredients, managed a full kitchen providing mentorship to his staff and maintained all budgeting and food costs through the use of local vendors. Before his time at Piedmont Restaurant, Gettles served as sous chef at Herons at The Umstead Hotel and Spa, recognized as a Five Star hotel from AAA. Years earlier in 2011, Gettles launched his culinary career as chef de partie at Magnolia Grill in Durham and as a consultant at Helios, where he was the primary innovator responsible for attaining permits and designing the layout of the full-service café.


In Gettles’ spare time, he can be found writing, wrestling with his dogs and searching around town for the perfect pad thai.